Peak Province

─────── Any% ───────

Wolfos Superjump for Early Snowpeak

This trick is the only way to access Snowpeak early when Map Glitch isn't available, such as on the Japanese version, Wii 1.2, and TPHD. It can only be done with Midna on Link's back, meaning MDH must be beaten. While wolfos superjump done quickly can be up to 10s faster than using Map Glitch outside of 100% because it doesn't require howling at the Snowpeak howling stone, the trick is both difficult and risky, as voiding out costs 30s+.

Tutorial by Nimzo

Snowpeak Messenger Skip

Originally discovered by SexyZora19

Boomerang LJA method

Discovered by Rachel74

This is possible on either side but is easier and faster on the right side. Roll to the corner of land shown in the video, getting close to the edge and close to the portal fight trigger without hitting it. LJA along the wall (not precise) and Link will bypass a spawn checkpoint before voiding. This makes Link respawn in the place he would spawn after voiding during snowboarding, which is within Yeto's cutscene trigger and immediately begins the cutscene. When done successfully, the blue arrow on the minimap will change position just before Link voids out to reflect the spawn point change.

With slow aim, the ice keese may attack before Link can draw his sword to LJA. If this happens, step back from the portal fight trigger to kill the keese, as a spin attack in place will often hit the trigger.

Skipping the portal saves 24s over completing the fight. However, it prevents the rupees from spawning on the snowboarding track on GCN, and it also prevents the fog from dispersing, leading to "Blind Snowboarding."

Keese LJA method (Wii alternative)

Discovered by Awsumi

This trick can also be performed without a boomerang LJA by rounding up keese in the boomerang, throwing them over the void towards the wall, and jump attacking when they come back in range.

It saves 10-15s to skip the portal this way, but unlike on GCN, the rupees and keese remain loaded during blind snowboarding in the Wii version.

Old method

This method is obsoleted by the methods above, but was the first method discovered and is listed here for archival purposes. It was not deemed faster to skip the messengers when this was discovered in 2009 due to the route needing the rupees from the treetops.

─────── All Dungeons ───────

Early Snowpeak without Map Warping

By delaying the map with 2 frame perfect A/B presses, you can bring up the map at the same time as triggering the Snowpeak intro cutscene. After selecting a warp, the cutscene will cancel out the warp sequence and give Map Glitch.

  1. Dash into the load zone to Peak Province (consider saving before the load zone, as failing this trick by hitting the cutscene trigger without UMD makes the trick impossible to retry)
  2. Start holding L before gaining control of Link and continue holding L until at least step 4
  3. Once Link comes to a complete stop, mash 3 jump attacks
  4. Do 2 neutral B attacks and let Link stand up
  5. Call Midna with Z and choose to warp
  6. Hold the control stick roughly in the direction of the cutscene trigger
  7. Press A on the frame shown in the image below (this begins UMD)
  8. Press B on the next frame
  9. If done correctly, the map will appear but the camera will be oriented as it is during the Peak Province intro cutscene
  10. Select and confirm a warp (the cutscene overrides the warp, giving Map Glitch)
  11. Skip the cutscene and ascend Snowpeak
Input frame

Pictured below is the frame of Midna's animation on which an A press that will delay the map shows up on the tpgz input display. You will need to account for any additional input delay and reaction time when performing the trick.


  • Sliding the thumb from A to B for steps 7 and 8 is recommended to help with timing the inputs exactly 1f apart
  • Pressing B for step 7 and A for step 8 also works

─────── Misc. ───────

Map Glitch LJA to Snowpeak Ruins ("Bane Jump")

Discovered By Dragonbane0

In a route that leaves and then returns to Snowpeak Ruins without Ooccoo, such as the old Yeta TD 100% route, it is possible to LJA from the Snowpeak portal area all the way down to the dungeon with Map Glitch, savewarp after hitting a spawn checkpoint under the bridge, and load the save in front of the dungeon. This requires the Midna text in front of Snowpeak Ruins to have been hit already, meaning it cannot be used to get to the dungeon for the first time. This saves around 5s over snowboarding again.

  1. Enable Map Glitch
  2. Climb up right next to the tree (see video)
  3. Sidehop right twice (separate the sidehops to avoid a sideroll with Backslice)
  4. Aim at the white spot just to the right of the peak of the left mountain
  5. Re-aim the boomerang so it isn't thrown down
  6. Once thrown, LJA as soon as possible (before the boomerang path curves) to keep the angle
  7. Savewarp once under the bridge

Wolf snowboarding

It is possible to descend the snowboarding slope with LJAs and wolf movement. Although the wolf movement is slower than snowboarding, it does skip cutscenes and is a little faster if aiming to collect the poe soul on the way down.

First, LJA over the first gap. The only way to LJA in the deep snow is to not move at all after transforming human; if Link moves after transforming, the jump attack becomes impossible. All the other jumps can be made as wolf. For the first jump in the shortcut, use the rock to the left as a bridging point. The second jump in the shortcut is a little close, but dashing just before reaching the edge gives Link enough speed to clear the gap. Finally, LJA over to the poe mountain as shown in the video.

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