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King Bulblin

King Bulblin 1

King Bulblin 1

Bulblin 1 Consistent Phase 1 (Clawshot)

Discovered by MrMrMen

With Early Clawshot, you can shoot King Bulblin from a distance to take off his armor without trigger him to start moving. Start by turning Epona immediately around, then quickspin all the bulblins when they get close. Backflip off, and walk approx. 3 steps back, then aim and shoot at King Bulblin until defeated

Bulblin 1 Consistent Phase 1 (Bow)

Discovered By Devil6Lair

King Bulblin only begins to run away from his initial position once you get within range of him, in 100% you will have the bow when entering the fight and it takes 8 arrows to kill him. Start off by shooting 2 arrows while waiting for the bulblin boars to get close then spin attack in place twice to make sure they don't knock you off, then do the last 6 shots on King Bulblin to finish the fight

Bulblin 1 Fast Phase 2

For Phase 2 on the bridge you can turn around and run along side him to hit him. This is done by dashing 3 times then turning around just before the crack, then avoid him and knock him off

Bulblin 1 Phase 2 with Clawshot

By turning Epona around, then using the Clawshot on King Bulblin behind you, you can shoot forward at King Bulblin immediately after the first hit. This method saves 1 second over the normal Fast Phase 2, but is much harder and not really RTA viable.

King Bulblin 2

King Bulblin 2

Bulblin 2 Skip (Bombless)

Discovered by MrMrMen

Using Epona to clip out of bounds, you can skip the King Bulblin 2 fight without bombs or backslice, saving time in any category with KB2. Park Epona close next to the ledge, then align her parallel with it. Walk forward (you can item buffer the walk if you wish) until Epona's head is just past the corner of the wall. Get off, backflip behind Epona, then let go of L and walk straight down to clip

Bulblin 2 Skip (GCN 100% Only)

Discovered by Dragonbane0, Setup by sva16162

It is possible to skip the entire fight with King Bulblin 2 on the bridge if you void out anywhere when the minimap is active near the bridge however this was long thought to be impossible due to there being huge midna triggers and not being able to bomb boost over fences. However it is possible to get OoB at the very start of the escort and then with a bomb-boost from a backslice getting further OoB and be able to roll down to where it is required to void out. The method requires you to get onto the wagon which is rather close, once you do this as soon as the escort starts you have a small window to LJA over onto the cliff where it isn't slippy, another unfortunate side-effect of using the wagon is you only get one attempt at the start of the escort. The best setup so far is outlined below. This trick saves around 50s in 100% currently.

Hold L+up out of the cutscene and go through the text. Open up the item menu as soon as Epona starts to dash, hold down and close the item menu again. Wait for Epona to stop and then hold down left to turn.
As soon as Epona stops turning, press R+A to backflip onto the wagon. Now you want to LJA towards the cliff and land where you can stand, this is a really small window one recommendation is to turn the camera while link is getting back up, also use C-up into boomerang for the extra speed. The targeting needs to be rather quick, also the jump is not very precise.
Now once you are on the cliff stand as high as you can and try to find a spot that minimizes the distance between you and the top. From here turn away and sword drop a bomb so you can then throw the boomerang and catch the bomb in it, now time it so you start your backslice up the cliff as the bomb is coming back, if timed correctly the bomb will damage boost you at the peak of the backslice and you will get on top of the cliff over the seam. From here just roll towards lanayru bridge until you jump through the floor and void out in the right area. You will now respawn after the fight.

Bulblin 2 With Bombs

When doing Any% No S+Q it is required to get the zora armour as you cannot savewarp in Lakebed to get past the starting tunnel, however you can still skip collecting arrows by beating King Bulbin 2 during the wagon escort with bombs.This is done by throwing bombs at the correct timing. It takes 3 bombs to kill him when you haven't defeated King Bulbin 1, which you normally don't in a run, otherwise it will only take 2 bombs.

It should be noted that his hitbox is quite small for bombs to hit and hence hard to time, also his hitbox extends to the side somewhat also. You can just get a feel for the timing of throwing the bombs or buffer the throw with the item wheel and his head as a visual que.

Here is the unbuffered method with timing of when you pull out bombs and throw them

Here is the buffered method. It still uses the same timing when pulling out the bombs are above so it is suggested you still watch the video above however it uses ques to buffer the throws.

Easy Bulbin 2 with Wolf

Discovered by sva161620

There is also a pretty easy strat to kill King Bulblin 2 with Bombs that is only 3 seconds slower than the unbuffered bomb strat.
Enter the cutscene as Wolf and leave the bridge right after the cutscene played. Now get in the spot shown in the video and dash towards Epona as soon as King Bulblin shows up. Get right next to the wagon and position yourself on the stone slaps facing the corner on the wall.
When KB runs against the wall, simply use Bombs plus Boomerang to kill him. For the third bomb you need to aim significantly higher. Climb Epona after the third hit to trigger the cutscene.

King Bulblin 4

King Bulblin 4

King Bulblin 4 Fight

After entering the barrier, enter the cutscene, immediately skip it and wait for King Bulblin to go into his attacking animation. Jump attack and chain 4 Quickspins.
After that backhop to evade his swing and immediately jump attack and quick spin him again to finish him off.

Bulblin 4 One Cycle

Wait for King Bulblin to start attacking, then immediately do a Clockwise Spinattack. Do a Jumpslash + Counter-clockwise Spinattack immediately after, then follow up with 4 Counter-clockwise spins to finish. The direction of the spins is important to this working

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