Clawshot Actor Displacement (CAD)

Discovered by Dragonbane0

Every actor that Link can clawshot onto can be pulled towards Link if he enters a falling state as the clawshot connects to the actor. A good indicator of whether a clawshot target is an actor is whether it is built into the room geometry or not; for example, most (if not all) vines and clawshot targets in walls are not actors and therefore cannot be displaced. The actor will move towards Link until he takes damage, so bombs can be used to stop actors along their paths to Link, allowing for finer precision.

To execute this, while an clawshotted actor is approaching Link, L-Slide off a ledge that does not allow Link to ledge grab or a very small step that is too small to grab. It is possible to execute CAD by being pushed off of such a ledge by an enemy, but this is much harder to control. L-sliding in different directions can slightly affect the direction of actor displacement.

Some actors that can be pulled towards Link are huge enough that Link can be crushed and void out if they are pulled all the way to Link; others can snap back to their original position if attached to something. Displacing moving peahats doesn't seem to do much, as they use waypoints for their pathing and will just make their way back to their nearest waypoint. However, they will not phase through walls to return to the waypoint. Some actors may become unclawshottable after CAD despite not visibly being displaced. In this case, the clawshot target along with the actor's collision has been displaced and is somewhere near Link, invisible.

Clawshot targets in Arbiter's Grounds are actors, but displacement doesn't work on them for an unknown reason.

Last updated 04/02/2024 – bewildebeest