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Quick Climb

Whenever you climb a wall as Wolf Link you see a small animation of grabbing the ledge and climbing up. In a few places this animation is skippable saving a bit of time.
A nearby wall will interfere with the animation due to clipping and cancel it.

Quick Climb Sacred Grove

Just before your first meeting with Skull kid, climb the ledge right in the corner angled slightly to the left.
TP Quick Climb Grove

Quick Climb Death Mountain

While collecting the tears for Eldin Vessel, approach the ledge hugging the wall and climb up angled slighty left.
TP Quick Climb DM

Quick Climbs Snowpeak Mountain

While climbing Snowpeak Mountain there are two possible Quick Climbs in quick succession.
For the first one climb the ledge walking right into the corner betweeen mountain and wall.
TP Quick Climb SP Mountain 1
For the second one just climb up using the right corner.
TP Quick Climb SP Mountain 2

Quick Climb Midna's Desperate Hour

During MDH right after burning the first web as wolf climb up the first ledge normally. Then go right and climb up roughly around the middle of the last stone brick on the right side.
TP Quick Climb MDH

Quick Climb Arbiter's Grounds

Right before getting to the Boss Key using Early Boss Key, climb up right where the spinner track meets the solid ground angled to the right.
NOTE: Sometimes you can clip out of bounds while using this Quick climb causing you to void out.
TP Quick Climb Arbiters

Quick Climb Lakebed Temple

After Helmasaur LJA, climb to the crest of the fallen boulder and aim at the above ledge just under the broken part of the platform.

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