Snowpeak Ruins

──── Any%/All Dungeons ────

Floor clip

Discovered by Zoriah

After the leaving the Double LJA room, you can clip through the floor by rolling over the edge towards the cage and use jump slash at the right time (not really precise).

Alternatively you can hop down and use L-Target sidehop on the lower left edge of the cage to clip through the floor. This is a bit slower, but safer and the more common method.

The most recent of way of clipping through the floor was found by SVA.
After regaining control over Link, sidehop and sideroll on the ground. After the sideroll you have a three frame window to make the Jump slash.

Movement to Ice Clip room

In Any%, the goal of Snowpeak is to get the Ball and Chain as fast as possible, which means getting to the courtyard as fast as possible. A quick series of glitches are used to achieve this. First, enter the west room and LJA across. Then, fire the clawshot at the target above to clip through the ceiling. Next, go through the north door, drop down and enter the Ice Clip room. It's advised to drop bombs during this sequence to speed up the process of emptying the bomb bag for later.

Ice Clip room

Discovered by MrMrMen, Improved by Ekke

In the F1 NW (GCN) maze room with ice blocks and cannons, it's possible to clip through the ice block as wolf when entering from the south side. This is advantageous for Any% speedruns as it provides the fastest route to the courtyard area. The ice block actually consists of several collision walls, where there are gaps in between, inside of the outer wall. GIF here.

As previously mentioned, Wolf Link can clip through the ice block, due to a difference in collision detection. There are several spots where Link can clip through, but the standard clip spot is in the center of the ice wall, in a small space in between where the broken floor ends and the ice block begins. During the clip, Wolf Link will gradually turn into a bright ice-like color as the game tries to freeze him. However, since the process isn't instant, it's possible to avoid being frozen as long as the sequence is performed fast enough. It's common to fade in and out of this freezing animation multiple times during the clip.

  1. As Wolf Link, stand parallel to the ice wall in the small space between the ice wall and the broken floor.

  2. Quickly flick the control stick down-and-slightly-left and back to neutral, to make Wolf Link quickly turn ~90 degrees left towards the door.

  3. Repeat this flick-to-neutral control stick motion until Wolf Link has clipped through the ice wall and is roughly facing the door. At least half of his lower body should be inside of the ice wall before proceeding to the next step.

  4. Call Midna and transform into human.

  5. Backflip.

The video below performs the entire clip as wolf, which is much more precise.


The most common mistake is to make Wolf Link walk. The goal is to only turn him around, so make sure to quickly release the control stick back to neutral after each flick. The flicks do not need to use the "ESS" range; full flicks are okay, and quite useful. Flicking multiple times in quick succession is a valid strategy to turn Wolf Link. It's okay if the clip takes some time, and it's also okay to get frozen. If it happens, simply spin the control stick quickly to break free from the ice and proceed with the sequence (the i-frames can come in handy).

Backup method by Glubbers

A quick way to fix a bad initial position is to get into the left corner and clip through the ice wall there instead.
Video here.

Freezard Skip (Early Ball and Chain)

Originally Discovered by SexyZora19
Faster Method by Paraxade0

Run into the wall on the right of the Freezard and sidehop into it. Break out of the ice and B-Attack between the Freezard and the doorframe. If done correctly, you should clip through the door. Once you clip, transform into Human Link and open the door. This saves about 3.5 seconds over the original method below.

Video tutorial

Produced by Skyreon

An explanation video covering both the easy and advanced methods.

Ladder Freezard Cancel

Discovered by Chris Is Awesome and Hylian Freddy

The freezard guarding the ladder to the boss key room is meant to blow an unending ice attack whenever Link is high enough on the ladder, preventing him from reaching the top. However, dropping off of the ladder frame perfectly will cause the freezard to begin a normal-length attack rather than the unending one. This does not give Link enough time to reach the top, but dropping off of the ladder once more within a 16-frame window later on will cause the freezard to begin another normal-length attack, after which it is possible to reach the top of the ladder. You will know if you got the first drop frame correct if you hear the freezard creak as you fall. If you're too early, there won't be any sound. If you're too late, the spewing will start immediately and be continuous. For the second drop, you want to drop roughly about the same time that the freezard begins to move again.

──── 100% ────

Text Displacement via Yeta

For more information on this specific trick, see the Text Displacement page.

Early Heart Piece 1

Discovered by Paraxade
  1. Run up the stairs and target the keese with the boomerang to bring it to Link. If the boomerang deposits the keese near the top of the banister, continue to boomerang it until the boomerang deposits it lower.
  2. Transform into wolf and use a Midna charge to target the keese whilst hiding behind the banister.
  3. Wait until the keese is about halfway back to its platform.
  4. Move down a couple of steps and wait for the Midna Charge to release on its own to land up on the chandelier.
  5. Transform into human and kill the keese.
  6. Use an LJA to land onto the platform to the left of the Heart Piece chest.
Super Jump setup by Taka:

Wii alternative ending

Alternatively for Wii, a Super Jump can be used to get to the chest, in place of a boomerang LJA.

Early Heart Piece 2

Discovered by ZFG

LJA to the chest.

Single LJA to small key

Setup by ZachLink99

Roll twice and stand on the very edge of the ledge, either positioning Link carefully or using C-Up to instantly stop him at edge. Aim at the corner shown in the video, then LJA when the boomerang is over the chest. This LJA does not rely on the boomerang going out of bounds.
The keese can be an issue if setting up the LJA takes too long. It is safest but slowest to kill the keese before setting up the LJA, but with quick aim, it is possible to ignore the keese entirely. If the keese is in the way of the boomerang targeting, target with R multiple times; the first target will be the keese, but the rest will be the wall where the boomerang is aiming.

Double LJA to small key

Discovered by Dragonbane

After entering the room on the first floor, roll to the right side in front of the ice wall.
Target the window across the room, then the top of the pillar slightly to the right and then do the final target far to the right (over the fence).
Jump as soon as the boomerang goes out of bounds both times.

Video tutorial

Produced by Skyreon

Shows off both the old school and new school method as well as how to get back.

100R with armor poe for 100%

The fastest way to get the 100R upon entering SPR for the second time is to release the bubble with one throw then kill it while killing the poe with the same B-Charge as shown in the video below.

Poe 3 fast method

It is possible to get the third poe without killing the mini-freezards, this saves 2s in 100% but is harder.

2nd Floor Freezard Skip

It is possible to skip the freezard on the 2nd floor in 100%, this is much easier than the first floor Freezard Skip

LJA to boss key room

This LJA skips a lengthy cannonball sequence. The best backup for failing this LJA and falling down is to perform Ladder Freezard Cancel (see above).

  1. Stand on the black dot (not very precise)
  2. Throw the boomerang just above the roof between the two icicles shown, and LJA as soon as possible
  3. Move the control stick or target midair to put the camera behind Link
  4. Hold up and roll to jump and grab the ledge
  5. Wait out the freezard's attack if you get a 1-handed grab AND the freezard turns quickly (the video below shows that it is possible to get a 1-handed grab and still climb without waiting)

Here is an alternative method for getting to the broken ledge.

Boss key room with bomb arrows

By Draconif

Using 4 bomb arrows, the room can be cleared quickly, even faster than the method above that uses Back Slice and Mortal Draw.

Alternative boss key room strat with bomb arrows

Collect Heart Container faster

Discovered By SVA16162

You can collect the heart container with the ball & chain while it is floating down.

If you get the gainer (1 frame backflip during CS) just hold left and mash ball & chain.

If you didn't get the gainer, hold left and use ball & chain when the cutscene ends.

──── Wii/Glitchless ────

Spinner bomb boost in courtyard (non-LJA alternative)

Discovered by LogitechSDAZ
Setups by Draconif

Using a spinner bomb boost, it's possible to get over the wall to the other side of the courtyard. Place a bomb a small distance from the wall, aligned with the broken part where it's lowest. Get on the spinner and ride between the bomb and the wall, attacking with the spinner to detonate the bomb when you're directly between it and the broken portion of the wall. If done correctly, you should boost onto it.

Window Setup:

  • Climb the ledge
  • Get in the corner shown in the video
  • Backflip twice
  • Turn down
  • Throw bomb, Sidehop right, get on Spinner and hold the Spinner button
  • Line up here so that the bottom part of the Master Sword is lined up inside the middle of the bomb
  • Release Spinner and Attack when you touch the wall

Chest Setup:

  • Open the chest as Human
  • Target and roll twice (wait between rolls)
  • Pull out sword and sword turn (Hold B to start a spin, then hold right and release B to slash towards the right)
  • Slash right after the first slash without holding anything
  • Throw bomb, Sidehop right, get on Spinner and hold the Spinner button
  • Line up here so that the bottom part of the Master Sword is lined up inside the middle of the bomb
  • Release Spinner and Attack as soon as you touch the wall

If you aim too close to the bomb it will blow up before you touch the wall.

Original video by LogitechSDAZ here, original setup video by DF here

Moon Boots JA bomb boost in courtyard

Discovered by pokemongenius

On the Wii version, it is possible to get over the wall using a moon boots jump attack + bomb boost.

Note that alignment should be done as wolf. Both position and angle are lenient, but the moonboots must be frame 1.

  1. Run over to wall and align as wolf.
  2. Transform to human and equip Iron Boots in the snow.
  3. Drop a bomb behind Link by pulling bomb first, then pulling sword.
  4. Jump attack on the black frame(s) after the 7th red flash (can be done with frame buffer).
  5. Force unequip Iron Boots on JA frame 1 by pulling item wheel.
  6. If done right Link will be boosted up onto the wall.

It's also possible to do this with Jumpstrike: video (all versions)

Bomb boost to boss key room (non-LJA alternative)

Discovered by pokemongenius

Using a bomb in the boomerang it's possible to boost onto a broken part of the Snowpeak Ruins courtyard wall, skipping the long cannonball puzzle.

Break 2nd floor ice from 1st floor

Setup by DF

Stand on the top stair and throw the Ball & Chain precisely to break the ice on the 2nd floor to reveal the clawshot target.

Upper Snowpeak movement (Glitchless)

──── IL Strats ────

Bomb Boost to the 2nd floor from the courtyard

Discovered by Jiano/SexyZora19
Setup by Draconif

The easiest way to get to the room containing the Bedroom key is to perform a bomb boost to reach the ledge of the floor above. This can be done by getting knocked over by a bomb during a jump from the window sill below. There are many methods to time this jump. The first video is one of the most popular methods, the item wheel buffer method by Draconif. This method does not use Iron Boots for timing purposes.

Iron Boots method (6 steps)

Setup by LogitechSDAZ

Align Link as shown in the video, then pull out a bomb and immediately put on the iron boots. Hold forward and wait for Link to walk 6 steps, then take off the iron boots whilst holding forward.

LJA to middle platform

After performing the bomb boost in All Dungeons you will want to head over to the boss key. To start this you can use a LJA on the very edge to get over to the middle platform by targeting above the door frame.

──── Unused/TAS/Misc. ────

Ice Boost to the 2nd floor from the courtyard

Discovered by Taka/Simikins

After obtaining the Ball and Chain, the goal is to get to the room containing the bedroom key as fast as possible. The best way of doing this is to perform a bomb boost onto the upper floor. Unfortunately, the optimal All Dungeons route does not yet have bombs at this point. Luckily, with an incredibly precise position and angle, it's possible to LJA onto the ice block and damage boost up onto the ledge. While not fully understood yet, holding certain directions and mashing to equip Iron Boots has shown some amount of success.

Back Slice bomb boost in ice cannon room

Using a bomb and a well timed backslice, you can boost to the block near the ice and skip past it.

Freezard Skip (original C-Up method)

This method is very inconsistent and is listed purely for archival purposes.
As Wolf Link, get into the corner to the right of the freezard and line up with the wall in front of you. Go into C-up and turn to the left until you get frozen. Break out of the ice, hold forward and press B to attack.

Block puzzle room skip

Discovered by SexyZora19 and ABchimpas

Using three bomb boosts it is possible to reach the Ordon Pumpkin chest from behind on the 1F floor of the Block Puzzle Room.

Block puzzle 2nd floor early

You can clip through the corner of the block blocking you from reaching the 2nd floor doors by jumping onto the broken floor next to it, and jumping into the corner at a non precise angle.

Double LJA to east side lobby

Reach the opposite side of courtyard (bomb boost)

Discovered by Jiano/SexyZora19

Aim towards the ice wall, put on the iron boots for timing purposes and pull out a bomb. Wait until the 4th red flash, then take off the iron boots and hold forward. The bomb boost should make Link land on top of the wall. Once at the upper ledge, aim the boomerang at the cannon and LJA to get to the opposite side of the courtyard.

Boss key room for 100% (Old)

By SVA16162

In 100% you can use backslice and mortal draw to clear the room quicker than just using Ball & Chain

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