Snowpeak Ruins

Text Displacement via Yeta

By pressing A to talk to Yeta and bringing up the map on the same frame, you can roll away after the map closes and before she continues talking to you. This sets your Dialog ID to 1. This is useful to open up Goron Mines with Master Sword without needing spinner

Early Heart Piece 1

Discovered by Paraxade

Target a Keese with the gale boomerang to bring it to Link. Turn into a wolf and use a Dark Energy Attack to target the keese. Wait until it returns to its platform and release the attack to jump up to the platform. Then use a Long Jump Attack to reach the Heart Piece. You want to be standing at the top of the stairs and slightly away from the wall as shown in the video

Alternatively for the Wii, you can use a super jump in place of a long jump to get to the chest.

Here's a setup for the Super Jump:

Break 2nd Floor Ice from 1st Floor

Setup by DF

Stand on the top stair and throw the Ball & Chain precisely to break the ice on the 2nd floor and reveal the clawshot target

Early Heart Piece 2

Discovered by ZFG

Simply long jump to the chest.

100R With Armour Poe For 100%

The fastest way to get the 100R upon entering SPR for the second time is to release the bubble with one throw then kill it while killing the poe with the same B-Charge as shown in the video below

Consistent Double LJA to Small Key

Discovered by Dragonbane

After entering the room on the first floor, roll to the right side in front of the Ice wall.
Target the window across the room, then the top of the pillar slightly to the right and then do the final target far to the right (over the fence).
Jump as soon as the boomerang goes out of bounds both times.

Video Tutorial

Produced by Skyreon

Shows off both the old school and new school method as well as how to get back.

Floor Clip

Discovered by Zoriah

After the leaving the Double LJA room, you can clip through the floor by rolling over the edge towards the cage and use jump slash at the right time (not really precise).

Alternatively you can hop down and use L-Target sidehop on the lower left edge of the cage to clip through the floor. This is a bit slower, but safer and the more common method.

The most recent of way of clipping through the floor was found by SVA.
After regaining control over Link, sidehop and sideroll on the ground. After the sideroll you have a three frame window to make the Jump slash.

Ice Cannon room Ice Clip

Discovered by MrMrMen, Improved by Ekke

Backslice Boost in Ice Cannon room

Using a bomb and a well timed backslice, you can boost to the block near the ice and skip past it.

Block Puzzle Room Skip

Discovered by SexyZora19 and ABchimpas

Using three bomb boosts it is possible to reach the Ordon Pumpkin chest from behind on the 1F floor of the Block Puzzle Room. <

Block Puzzle 2nd Floor Early

You can clip through the corner of the block blocking you from reaching the 2nd floor doors by jumping onto the broken floor next to it, and jumping into the corner at a non precise angle. <

Reach the Opposite Side of Courtyard (Bomb Boost)

Discovered by Jiano, SexyZora19

Aim towards the ice wall and pull out a bomb and put on the Iron Boots for timing purposes, wait until the 4th flash starts then take off the Iron Boots and hold forward. The bomb boost should cause you to land on top of the wall. Once you reach the upper ledge, aim the Gale Boomerang at the cannon and use a Long Jump to get to the opposite side of the courtyard.

Here is an alternative setup for the bomb boost. Align Link as shown in the video, then pull out a bomb and immediately put on Iron Boots. Hold forward and wait for Link to walk 6 steps, then take off the Iron Boots and keep holding forward.

Wii Alternative (Spinner Bomb Boost)

Discovered by LogitechSDAZ

Since the Snowpeak Ruins are accessed at a different point in the Wii any% route as compared to the GameCube any% route, you can still get to the opposite side of the courtyard. Place a bomb a foot or two behind the wall with the cannon behind it. Get on the spinner, and bounce off the wall into the bomb. If done correctly, you should boost onto the wall.

Courtyard 2nd Floor Ice Boost

Discovered by Taka/Simikins

With a precise position and angle, you can LJA onto the ice block and damage boost up onto the ledge. While not fully understood yet, holding certain directions and mashing to equip Iron Boots has shown some amount of success.

Freezard Skip (early Ball and Chain)

Originally Discovered by SexyZora19
Faster Method by Paraxade0

Run into the wall on the right of the Freezard and sidehop into it. Break out of the ice and B-Attack between the Freezard and the doorframe. If done correctly, you should clip through the door. Once you clip, transform into Human Link and open the door. This saves about 3.5 seconds over the original method below.

Original C-Up method

This method is very inconsistent and is listed purely for archival purposes.
As Wolf Link, get into the corner to the right of the freezard and line up with the wall in front of you. Go into C-up and turn to the left until you get frozen. Break out of the ice, hold forward and press B to attack.

Video Tutorial

Produced by Skyreon

An explanation video covering both the easy and advanced methods.

LJA to Middle Platform

After performing the bomb boost in All Dungeons you will want to head over to the boss key. To start this you can use a LJA on the very edge to get over to the middle platform by targeting above the door frame.

LJA to Boss Key Room

From the Middle Platform it is possible to LJA onto a broken pillar and then jump over to the platform with the door to the boss key room, this skips having to bring a cannonball and destroying the Freezard. It is possible to get knocked down by the freezard at the end when climbing up, if you think this will happen just wait until his cycle ends then climb up.

Here is an alternative method for getting to the broken ledge.

Bomb Boost to Boss Key Room (Wii/Glitchless)

Discovered by pokemongenius

Using a bomb in the boomerang it's possible to boost onto a broken part of the Snowpeak Ruins courtyard wall, skipping the long cannonball puzzle.

Double LJA to East Side Lobby

Poe 3 Fast Method

It Is possible to get the third poe without killing the mini-freezards, this saves 2s in 100% but is harder.

2nd Floor Freezard Skip

It is possible to skip the freezard on the 2nd floor in 100%, this is much easier than the normal Freezard Skip

Upper Snowpeak movement (Glitchless)

Boss Key Room For 100% (Old)

By SVA16162

In 100% You can use backslice and moral draw to clear the room quicker than just using Ball & Chain

Boss Key Room With Bombarrows

By DF6780

Using 4 bombarrows the room can be cleared quickly, even faster than the method above that uses backslice and mortal draw.

Collect Heart Container Faster

Discovered By SVA161620

You can collect the heart container with the ball & chain while it is floating down.

If you get the gainer (1 frame backflip during CS) just hold left and mash ball & chain.

If you didn't get the gainer, hold left and use ball & chain when the cutscene ends.

Last updated 02/03/2022 – anorakkis