Long Helm Splitter

Discovered by MrRyyan
Boomerang technique by bewildebeest

Trick Description

Much like the more common Long Jump Attack, Long Helm Splitter (LHS) is a technique that gives Link greater horizontal speed than a standard Helm Splitter. This can be done by initiating a Helm Splitter nearly immediately after the enemy has been stunned in a way that gives the Helm Splitter prompt. While the window for LHS is normally occupied by Link finishing the Shield Bash animation that leads to the Helm Splitter prompt, it becomes accessible if either the enemy runs into the Shield Bash near the end of its animation or the Helm Splitter prompt is brought on by another means, such as using the boomerang or clawshot to stun a lizalfos. (Note that lizalfos are the only enemy that give a Helm Splitter prompt when stunned with an item instead of Shield Bash.) Helm Splitter height is not affected by LHS.

Speed Data

Link's speed during a normal Helm Splitter:

  • frames 1-13: speed begins at ~12, decreases gradually to ~6
  • frames 14-25: speed is 0 (includes 5 frames of hit stun, which only occur if the Helm Splitter hits the enemy)
  • frames 26-41: speed begins at 12, decreases gradually to ~10
  • speed becomes 0 and Link drops to the ground, finishing the animation

With LHS, the speeds on frames 1-13 are multiplied by a value that depends on how many frames after the enemy was stunned the LHS began on. The maximum speed multiplier is at least 3 and may depend on Link's distance from the enemy as well. (More research needed.) The speeds on frames 26-41 are unaffected by LHS.

How To

Boomerang LHS

  1. Lure a lizalfos to the impediment you want to LHS over
  2. Position the lizalfos between Link and the impediment
  3. Throw the boomerang over the lizalfos's head so that it will hit the lizalfos both while departing and while returning (may require targeting a wall or ceiling with the boomerang)
  4. While the boomerang is away, press B to pull out the sword, then hold L to lock onto the lizalfos
  5. As soon as the boomerang hits the lizalfos on its return, press A to initiate a Helm Splitter
  6. If done correctly, the LHS will carry Link beyond the lizalfos and over or onto the impediment if it isn't too tall
Last updated 04/02/2024 – bewildebeest