GCN All Fused Shadows

Start with all three files blank, as each will be used during the run.

It is helpful to watch a top run on the leaderboard for reference when learning, as this route document can only go into so much detail.


Faron Province

  • S. Faron warp portal
  • Faron Vessel
  • Kill first two bugs (Don't need to collect tears after killing)
  • Bug on Coro's house
  • Bugs in Coro's house
  • Kill bugs before tunnel (Don't need to collect tears after killing)
  • Kill bugs on right wall (Don't need to collect tears after killing)
  • Bugs in main tree trunk
  • Ignore burrowed bugs
  • EMS
  • Howl at stone (MUD MUD)
  • Skull Kid chase
  • Skull Kid fight
  • Master Sword puzzle (LD UUU RR DDD LU)
  • Master Sword

    Warp S. Faron

  • Collect first two bug tears
  • Collect tears before tunnel
  • Collect tears in mist area
  • Bugs before N. Faron (Kill before they burrow + collect)
    • Dig spot for 10R (64R+)
  • N. Faron warp portal
  • Kill last two bugs
  • Transform and burn web
  • Enter Forest Temple
  • Early Monkeys
    • Save [File 2]
    • Forest Temple BiT
    • BiTE
      • Load [File 1]
    • Soft reset as soon as the cutscene starts playing (Start+X+B), then mash start as soon as the screen starts to fade out to skip the cutscene (timing isn't precise)
  • Load file 2
  • Kill one or both walltulas with deku baba nuts or as wolf by luring them lower as human
    • Alternatively, try to climb past one or both walltulas
  • Light torches
  • Void out before crossing monkey chain
  • Cross monkey chain to Ook
  • Ook
  • Boomerang
    • [Lantern / Boomerang]
  • Savewarp
  • Kill walltulas with boomerang
  • Enter east room
  • Blow up rock with boomerang + bombling
  • Ooccoo
    • Rupees in pots by Ooccoo (70R+)
    • [ Ooccoo / Boomerang]
  • Ooccoo out of Forest Temple
    • [Ooccoo Jr. / Boomerang]
  • Collect final tears
  • Savewarp [File 3]
    • 1-frame backflip to skip Midna text
  • Load File 2 (Forest Temple)
  • BiTE
  • King Bulblin 1


  • Enter + exit Sanctuary to reload area
  • Kakariko Village warp portal
  • Eldin Vessel
  • Enter Graveyard
  • Kill Graveyard bug (don't collect)
  • Well Clip
  • Basement bugs
  • Midna jump out of basement
  • Graveyard tear
  • Malo Mart Bug
  • Elde Inn bugs
    • Break boxes for 2R (72R+)
    • Collect 20R chest (92R+)
    • 10R behind dresser (102R+)
  • Dash Cancel Across Roofs
  • Abandoned house bug
    • Break boxes for rupees (104R+)
  • Barnes' Bombs bug
  • Bomb house skip (wolf or human)
  • Watchtower Bug
    • 5R in pot (109R+)
  • DMT bugs
  • Vessel complete

Enter Goron Mines

  • Note: Midna must be used to warp.

    Warp S. Faron

  • Dash to Coro
    • Consider saving here for safety, as failing Text Displacement and hitting the Rusl cutscene trigger makes the remainder of the route impossible
  • Coro Text Displacement
    • Buy Oil Bottle (9R+)
    • 1-frame Ooccoo Jr. pull
  • Ooccoo out of Forest Temple

    Warp Death Mountain

  • Wait for meteor
  • Climb Death Mountain
    • Collect 30R from ledge (39R+)
  • Speak to Gor Coron twice
  • Roll to clip past gorons
  • Enter Goron Mines

Goron Mines

Forest Temple

  • Epona to Barnes' Bombs
  • Buy Bomb bag with 30 Bombs (0R+)
  • Leave through front
    • [Ooccoo Jr. / Boomerang]
  • Ooccoo back to Forest Temple
    • [Ooccoo / Boomerang]
  • Boss Key
    • [ Bombs / Boomerang]
  • Need to empty bomb bag before Lakebed
  • LJA to the Boss Door
    • [Bomb Arrows / Boomerang]
  • Diababa with Bomb Arrows (2nd phase only)
  • Exit Forest Temple

Lakebed Temple

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