Forest Temple

──── Any%/All Dungeons ────

Forest Temple BiT

Back in Time in first room

Discovered by Chris is Awesome

By doing a jump attack to pass above the loading zone leading out of the dungeon, it is possible to reach beyond the edge of the wall and void out without landing on the loading zone. As a result, we can perform BiT off this void right after saving in Forest Temple, allowing for EBF to be easily set from within the dungeon by loading an appropriate save. Getting the voidout is also possible with a sidehop.

Back in Time in first room (Setup)

Setup by Skyreon

Explanation and setup to make things easier.

Alternate setup by Simikins using the save prompt to time the reset. Additional details in the YouTube description.

Rather than using the item wheel for Back in Time like normal, as you have to save here anyway, it's possible to open the save menu during the jump attack and reset after selecting Yes on the continue prompt to get an easy and fast BiT.

Unfortunately if you pause on the incorrect frame you cannot simply close the menu and attempt to open the item wheel on the normal horizontal sword frame, as there's a large delay after closing the menu before you can pause again. This means you have to attempt to back up incorrect frame pauses with different reset timings.


CORRECT FRAME (Second possible pause frame of the jump attack, shown in this video):

  • Save
  • Select Yes on the continue prompt, can mash as the reset timing is lenient
  • Any time after selecting Yes by pressing A and before the screen fades completely black, reset by holding Start + X + B and releasing A (I hold Start and X pre-emptively in this video). The reset will wait to start until after the save menu closes, making the window to reset here very large. Here I reacted to Yes being selecting from my mashing of A, then reset.
  • It is also possible, and potentially easier, to reset with the console reset button. Again, any time after pressing A to select Yes on the continue prompt (but before the menu closes fully) press and release the console reset button. It won't reset until you release the button, so I like to hold it early, press A, and release after.

LATE FRAME (Third possible pause frame of the jump attack, 1 frame after the pause shown in this video, sword at a 45 degree angle from the left). It is possible to back this up with a console reset.

  • Save
  • Hold the console reset button, and when the continue prompt appears (it has a small delay before it's usable, wait a bit until then) release the console reset button and press A on the same frame. The timing for this is surprisingly easy.
  • If timed correctly you will hear the menu close but the sound will quickly fade out. If you release the console reset button before pressing A, you won't be able to select Yes to continue.
  • Example of the late frame backup here

First Room Movement

First used by TPFox

Without a slingshot, boomerang, or bombs, the best way to get through the first room is by throwing a deku nut at one or both of the walltulas.

With good RNG, it is possible to skip killing one or both of the walltulas, but the likelihood of being able to skip both is very low.

Early Gale Boomerang


Please note there is a faster way to get the Boomerang by using Early Monkeys
Go to the area that would be your path back from Ook. Get on the edge of near the first rotating platform and cue Midna (and exit out of her text box) to switch the wind and have the bridge turn. As it is turning towards you, walk forward to clip into the bridge's railing. Cue Midna to turn the bridge again, jump forward and use a jumpslash to land on the second bridge. You should have a clear path to the area of land with the fifth monkey.

Note: Although standing at the left, right, or middle of the platform before the first rotating bridge will work for clipping, the timing for standing in the middle is the most forgiving.

For the second pair of rotating bridges, head to the edge of the first bridge, position yourself towards the right corner (GCN, or left on Wii) at a 45 degree angle and wait for the wind to turn. Just after the first railing of the bridge passes you, jump to clip into the second bridge. A well timed sidehop will also work for this.

Faster boss key

Discovered by SexyZora19

Climb on to the ledge next to the stairs, and line yourself up with the the fencepole between you and the ledge past the fence. Roll forward, and continue holding forward. Link should roll off the pole and directly on to the ledge.

You can also LJA past the fence by targeting the vines above the platform.

Final bridge room movement comparison

Skip half of the Forest Temple (GCN only)

Discovered by Kazooie

Using the Gale Boomerang, LJA over to the monkey tree. Climb the left side of the tree using jump slashes, and then use another LJA to jump to the door. Please note there are various different ways to target to LJA to boss door

─────── 100% ───────

Deku Like Skip #1

Jump method

Discovered by Jiano

To skip killing the first Deku Like, jump off the ledge on the left side (GCN) angled slightly to the left. Link will be swallowed by the Deku Like if he doesn't jump from the right place.

LJA method #1 (GCN only)

Discovered by Venick
  1. Stand in the spot shown in the video
  2. Enter first person (dropping the bombling automatically)
  3. Target just above the rock
  4. LJA when the boomerang is above the ledge the rock is on

LJA method #2 (GCN only)

  1. While running up the stairs, throw boomerang to the left of the bombling
  2. Boomerang will collect the bombling on the way back
  3. Target just above the rock
  4. LJA when the boomerang is above the ledge the rock is on

Gale Boomerang Toss method

Similar to the method above, throw the boomerang with the bombling then manually roll / jump across the gap immediately after. The Deku Like will be stunned by the boomerang, so Link will not get swallowed.

West room timesaver

Jump attacking onto the platform is 0.67s faster than climbing.

Heart Piece 1


Log Diveroll

Kill the Deku Like guarding a Heart Piece

Method 1 - Pick up bombling with boomerang (fastest)

  1. Pull boomerang midair
  2. Throw the boomerang left of the bombling so it bounces off the stairs and picks up the bombling on the way back to Link
  3. Throw the bombling into the Deku Like
  4. Jump down before the cutscene begins

Method 2 - Refresh bombling timer with boomerang

  1. Roll to bombling and pick it up
  2. Run towards the Deku Like
  3. Near the far wall, throw the boomerang, then backwalk so that the boomerang picks up the bombling while returning
  4. Throw the bombling into the Deku Like
  5. Jump down before the cutscene begins

[See right side of video above]

Method 3 - Boomerang bombling

In 100% after exiting the room with the first heart piece you can use the boomerang with some clever targets to bring a bombling from the ledge to your right down to the bottom where you can then kill the deku like.

  1. Stand next to the torch shown in the video
  2. Target in the middle of the door
  3. Target the root in the celling
  4. Jump down to the deku like and wait for the bombling to come to you

Note: Don't stand too close to the wall or the bombling might blow up on the wall

You can also boomerang the bombling from the ground floor as a backup.

Method 4 - pot drop

An alternative method which only loses 1-3s depending on how fast you aim with the boomerang is to distract the Deku Like with a pot.

  1. Pickup pot and jump into the corner towards the Heart Piece
  2. As you jump over the edge press B to pull your sword and drop the pot below you into the Deku Like
  3. Continue holding forward to bonk into the wall and consistently get into the HP room
  4. Exit by throwing the handy bombling into the Deku Like after collecting the HP

───── Wii/Glitchless ─────

Killing skulltulas

Discovered by Jiano

The fastest way to kill the giant skulltulas varies depending on whether you have the Master Sword or not. With it, a single spin attack should suffice. Without it, simply add in a jumpslash before the spin attack. Note that if the spin attack does not hit twice, the skulltula will survive.

Skip the hanging skulltula

Discovered by TPFox

Roll to the side of the skulltula. You can normally grab the ledge and pull yourself up, but you can add a jumpslash at the end to save time.

Rescue 2nd monkey

(Pillar – Vid required)

Deku Like Skip #1

(Glitchless version here, or link to the main trick?)

Rescue 3rd monkey

Knock down chest with key, light the torches [Video]

Quick Major Deku Baba fight

Discovered by Jiano

The major Deku Baba can be defeated by using jumpslashes when it is rearing up to attack. After it is defeated, jumpslash at one of the bomblings before the cutscene, as fuses do not move during cutscenes. Finally, once the bombling is in the base's mouth, push yourself up against the north side of the Deku Base, on the leaf. Once it dies, you can grab the small key without moving.

If you have the boomerang early, after it is defeated you can boomerang a bombling before the cutscene and stand in a specific spot next to the base to have the base eat the bombling during the cutscene. You can then boomerang the key after it dies and go to the door before it reaches Link.

Leaving Ook’s room

Boomerang the propeller above the door three times, moving closer to the door each time. Targeting the propeller for the final throw will prevent the boomerang from returning to Link’s hand, thus skipping the put-away animation at the door.

Midna text skip after 5th monkey

If you stand near the bridge before throwing the boomerang at the cage, you will be outside the Midna text trigger. Avoiding the text here means a trigger will be present at the 6th and 7th monkeys however, so to skip the text completely those triggers must also be avoided.

Monkey chain room

Boomerang the bridges and the spiders. LJA to Bokoblin. Allow the gale to stun him upon returning to skip killing him. [Video]

Deku Like Skip #2

Jump into the water and grab the platform the deku like is on to pull yourself up. Now when Link pulls himself up onto it, he will experience a few frames after his "climbing onto the platform" animation where he stands up completely before falling back into the water. The first visual frame that you see Link stand up, hold the control stick towards the small key chest and mash A. When done correctly, you will jump to the platform every time.

Note: The front left corner of the deku like platform (the lightest one nearest the chest) will give you the best position relative to the chest and the longest jump. Also, remember not to continue to hold forward on the control stick after you have jumped to avoid rolling past or into the chest after hitting the platform.

Alternative methods

While a rolljump is recommended, it is also possible to skip the Deku Like with a sidehop from the small ledge, or a backflip. [Video]

Skip climbing vines to rescue 6th monkey

Discovered by LogitechSDAZ

After the boulder at the top of the vines is destroyed, bring the bombling over to you. Set it down, the aim at the roof of the area with the boomerang, then lock (with the same throw) just above the area containing the monkey. Release the boomerang, and the bombling should hit the wall and just barely blow up the rock.

Skip rotating bridges in monkey tree room (going back)

Drop down the first set of vines, and draw your sword. Jump towards the first bridge, adding in a jumpslash to make the jump.

It is also possible, but very precise, to make this jump without a jumpslash.

Rescue 7th monkey without falling down

Traditional Method

Burn the right web [GCN] and drop down with a jumpspin to break the cage. After the cutscene, jump to the vines and climb back up.


Note that if you’ve skipped Midna text up to this point, there will be a Midna textbox after the cutscene. This text can also be skipped with the methods below:

Bombling drop

Discovered by Paraxade

Open up the holes to your left and right (on Wii, this room is skipped on GCN), and then line yourself pretty much directly opposite with the door. Aim down the hole, and try to find something you can lock onto (yellow revolving cursor). Lock on, and the boomerang should bring up a bombling. Drop it down the other hole, it will blow up the cage. Please note that you must be very precise to find the bombling.

Alternate Method – Bombling in boomerang

Discovered by Chimpas

Burn only the right web [Wii], and align yourself much in the same way. After you lock and throw the boomerang, quickly roll over to the hole where you would normally fall down and stand on the opposite side of it. The boomerang should bring the bombling back and hit the cage on its way through, destroying it. As with Paraxade's method, precision is necessary.

On Gamecube, as you cannot roll as quickly after throwing the boomerang, target an extra time so it takes longer to return and gives you time to get to the other web.

Skip climbing vines to rescue 8th monkey

As you enter the room, there is a tile worm just in front of you to your left. Walk onto the left side of it. It will boost you up onto the upper platform. Jump across to the other platform. Roll right next to the hanging deku baba, pull out the Boomerang, target both fans, throw, and roll away. Try to jump back to the tile worm area. The monkey will be free, and you are very close to the door.

Quick roll to skip a swing

Discovered by Paraxade

Rolling before the cutscene where the monkeys form your swing across allows you to get close enough to get across the very first time they come back to your side. If you miss the roll, you must wait for them to do an additional swing. The window for this is two frames.

────── IL Strats ──────

Free first monkey with bomb arrows


Boss key without boomerang

Discovered by pokemongenius

Using a very precise Jumpstrike moonboots bomb boost it is possible to get onto the propellor towers, and in an individual level speedrun context obtain the Big Key without needing the boomerang.

  • Stand in the corner of the raised plank, at approximately a 45 degree angle, and place a bomb.

  • Move onto the raised plank, put on iron boots, and charge jumpstrike

  • After the sixth bomb flash, release jumpstrike. (There is a three frame window for releasing jumpstrike. This video demonstrates the middle frame, where the bomb is black after the sixth flash. The frames on either side of this also work, where the bomb is a pale pink. Note however that this video buffers the release of jumpstrike with the item wheel to see the correct frame, so unbuffered you would have to release the A button slightly earlier to account for input delay).

  • Force unequip iron boots for moonboots on the frame shown. This moonboots is frame perfect, as you need the maximum jumpstrike height.

Once on the post, navigate along the wooden towers and down to the big key. Pulling a bomb makes it easier to run smoothly to the chest without bonking from an autoroll, but can also assist in escaping the area with a death warp.

Originally found with backslice moonboots: here

pokemongenius' jumpstrike video: here

Bridge Turn Skip

Using extremely precise bomb boosts, one with moonboots and one with a jumpslash, it's possible to skip turning the bridge, and progress without the use of the gale boomerang, thus skipping its requirement for the Any% IL.

Jumpslash Bomb Boost

Discovered by chrisisawesome

Killing either Bokoblin at the start removes the cutscene trigger when first landing on the bridge, and a single arrow shot on the left [GCN] Bokoblin is enough to lure it off the bridge.

First, get onto the bridge.

The fence on the right side is lower than the left, so a jumpstrike alone is enough to get on top. Mash B for a jumpslash as you land, as if you slip off after landing a jumpslash will put you right back onto the fence. The simply roll along the very wide fence collision and jump onto the bridge

Second, the jumpslash bomb boost

  1. Pull a bomb as soon as you land on the bridge

  2. Run to the left side at the very edge of the bridge, and aim at the corner of the plank (the surviving Bokoblin won't chase you)

  3. After the 5th bomb flash, run off from the very corner, and while holding target press B to both drop the bomb behind you and jumpslash

There are multiple working jump and jumpslash frames for this boost, but the frame you need to drop the bomb and jumpslash to successfully boost depends on when you jump. The range for jumping, and jumpslash frames, gets smaller the worse the angle of your jump is towards the plank where you aim to land. With a good angle:

  • Jumping 24 frames before the bomb explodes has a 2 frame jumpslash window, with a B input on frame 9 or 10 of the jump
  • Jumping 23 frames before the bomb explodes has a 2 frame jumpslash window, with a B input on frame 9 or 10 of the jump
  • Jumping 22 frames before the bomb explodes has a 3 frame jumpslash window, with a B input on frame 8, 9, or 10 of the jump
  • Jumping 21 frames before the bomb explodes has a 3 frame jumpslash window, with a B input on frame 7, 8, or 9 of the jump
  • Jumping 19-20 frames before the bomb explodes has a 1-2 frame jumpslash window, with a B input on frame 6 or 7 of the jump

Jump frames outside of this range may be possible with perfect angle/position and a frame perfect jumpslash.

The boosts shown in the demonstration video below are a 22f jump with an 8th frame jumpslash in full sequence, then short clips of a 24f jump with a 10th frame jumpslash, and a 19f jump with a 7th frame jumpslash, to demonstrate the outer ranges of the trick.

Original discovery video by chrisisawesome: here

The bomb boost is also possible on the right side of the bridge, however it's more awkward due to Link holding the bomb on his left: video

Jumpstrike Moonboots Bomb Boost

Discovered by Jeez

First, jumpstrike moonboots onto the fence.

This has two working moonboots frames. The first frame (shown in the first clip below) is extremely lenient on position and angle due to the extreme height you get from this moonboots frame. Second frame can also work (shown in the second clip) however requires much more precision in position and angle, as the height gain isn't as significant. Mash B for a jumpslash as you land, as if you slip off after landing a jumpslash will put you right back onto the fence.

Second, the jumpstrike moonboots bomb boost.

  • Staying in line with the fence, place a bomb at the back of the bridge, allowing it to push you back while placing it. Staying in line with the fence is important, as the beams at the edge of the platform you aim to land on extend slightly further than the rest of the platform, making this possible.
  • Put on iron boots, backhop for positioning, then charge jumpstrike.
  • One the 6th bomb flash, release jumpstrike, and force unequip boots for moonboots.

The jumpstrike release is frame perfect, and unfortunately the exact bomb frame to release is very difficult to distinguish from neighbouring frames, as it's around the brightest part of the bomb flash. Note that in both clips I buffer the release with the item wheel, so unbuffered would require releasing jumpstrike a few frames earlier than the bomb frame shown when paused, to account for the input delay. The moonboots is also frame perfect, on the first moonboots jumpstrike frame, as this is the only frame that gives height to completely clear the sides of the bridge.

If all is done correctly, you'll be boosted forward and barely land on the wooden beam. A frame too early or late and you'll get a bomb boost forward but not land on the beam. Earlier or later and you can avoid being hit by the bomb completely.

──── Unused/TAS/Misc. ────

Faster Monkey Skip using clawshot

With early Clawshot, you can clawshot to the vines before the boss door to skip the monkeys

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