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Desert Province

Gerudo Desert

Enter the Bulblin Camp without a Boar

Ball & Chain Method

Discovered by ???

Use the Ball & Chain to destroy the lookout tower next to the fence, transform into a wolf, and walk through the gap. Then on the second fence, go over to the right side (GCN) and just try and wedge your way through it.

Super Jump Method

Discovered by LogitechSDAZ

After trigger the Bulblin archer cutscene, run over to the left (GCN) side of the barricade and wait for a little while until one of the boars runs into the wall, launching the Bulblin riders onto the wall. As a wolf, get near to the wall and use an area attack to target the riders. Walk back a few feet from the wall and use the area attack to super jump onto the wall.

LJA to Statue Puzzle 100R Chest

Bulblin Camp

The King Bublin fight cannot be skipped

The trigger that loads the path to Arbiter's Grounds doesn't exist until you defeat King Bulblin and break through the fences with a boar.

Map Glitch + LJA OoB To Bulblin

Setup By SVA16162

It is faster by 3.5s to dash up to the broken wall before the main part of the camp, then perform Map Glitch and LJA from the corner of this wall to the hill OoB. From here you can jump attack diagonally to the King Bulblin trigger. During daytime the bulblin archer will shoot arrows at you however the setup avoids this issue (the archer doesn't shoot at night). In addition, if you have bombarrows, in 100% runs you can also bombarrow the boar through the wall to release the HP for later.

1) Perform Map Glitch (this can be done later as climbing wall to combine it with the transform however you won't have time to unplug for consistentcy

2) Dash to the broken wall and climb up the left edge

3) Walk forward a little then transform

4) Walk forward towards the edge, then sidehop right 3 times, making sure the bulblin shoots during the sidehops

5) Aim at the corner of the hill and LJA instantly over

6) roll forward and line up so your jump attack will hit the bulblin trigger

Map Glitch to Early King Bulblin Battle

Discovered by LogitechSDAZ

When you enter the Bulblin Camp, immediately perform the Map Glitch and backwalk off the solid ground. Do a jumpslash while falling to give yourself forward momentum. If done right, you will hit the cutscene trigger, which will reposition you above ground.

LJA on top of the Bulblin Camp

Discovered by Kazooie

Instead of making the whole trip through the Bulblin camp while fighting you can lja on top of the Camp to trigger the cutscene and skip the small key saving ~8 seconds.
The LJA is rather precise though and the window for the jump is pretty small.

Bomb boost on top of the Bulblin Camp

Discovered by dragonbane0

Instead of the strats above, it's possible to get on top of King Bulblin's tent with bomb boosts. This is slower than the LJA methods above.

Cave of Ordeals

Enemy List

Enemy List by Taka (external link - )

Detailed Guide

Detailed Guide by Devil6lair (external link - )

Floor Skips

Discovered by ???

On the USA Wii 1.0 version of the game, extinguishing the torches on a floor opens the door on the next floor down (e.g. blowing out the torches on floor 5 opens the door on floor 6). This can be used to skip clearing the rooms properly as most floors have torches; only floors 1, 2, 11, 21, 31, and 41 have to be properly cleared (the great fairies on floors 10, 20, 30, and 40 need to be spoken to as well).

Floor 1 Timesaver

Floor 17 & 18 Strategies

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