Movement Speeds

Information collected by RachelB

There are many types of movement in Twilight Princess and of course they all have different speed values. Some movement types have a short acceleration delay, so most of the listed values are the maximum speed attainable. These values were found by looking through the memory addresses for each type of movement.

Movement Speeds (Ordered By Name)
Movement TypeMovement ValueNotes
Crawling5Changes every frame -- this is an average
Epona35/42Changes depending on area
Epona: Sprinting50/73Changes depending on area
Iron Boots3.68---
Iron Boots: Roll10---
Walking Forward23---
Walking Forward (L Target)16.1---
Walking Sideways13---
Swimming8Direction is irrelevant
Swimming Dash13Direction is irrelevant
Swimming Strafing (Zora Armor)14Direction is irrelevant
Swimming (Zora Armor)22Direction is irrelevant
Wolf: B Attack30---
Wolf: Backflip30---
Wolf: Backwalk12---
Wolf: Jump Attack26---
Wolf: Sidehop33---
Wolf: Sprinting33/45Changes depending on area
Wolf: Walking Forward25---
Wolf: Walking Forward (L Target)22---
Wolf: Walking Sideways22---
Wolf: Swimming9Direction is irrelevant
Wolf: Swimming Dash20Direction is irrelevant


Graph by Giradam

In Twilight Princess, continuous rolling is the fastest form of movement as human Link for RTA speedruns.
To keep maximum speed from a roll, it is recommended to time and chain together frame perfect rolls. From a stand-still, it is faster to roll > walk for 3 frames > then time frame perfect rolls. When coming out of a loading zone at running speed, it is fastest to just start chaining frame perfect rolls immediately. (Note: 'DF' Walking for 2 frames before rolling is the fastest way to reach maximum speed from a standstill, but is usually considered not worth it in most situations for RTA speedruns.)

Zora Armor Swimming Speed Graph

Graph by Giradam

Zora Armor swimming speed builds up quicker the faster you mash A until you hit the max speed of 22. The blue line represents an A input every 2 frames, while the orange represents an A input every 3 frames.

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