Any% (Gorge) (ZA)

Note that this alternative Any% route is roughly 3m18s slower than the optimal Any% route (including Stallord Skip), which gets bombs instead of Zora Armor and empties Lake Hylia.

If you are not consistent with Morpheel / Zant without Zora Armor, this route probably is the better alternative.

Runs should start with a blank file in slots 1, 2 and 3 as all files are used during the run.

It is helpful to watch a reference run when learning, as this route document can only go into so much detail. The top runs on the leaderboard use the optimal route, but these older runs follow this route:


Faron Province

  • Skip Faron Vessel
  • EMS
  • Skull Kid chase
  • Skull Kid fight
  • Master Sword puzzle (LD UUU RR DDD LU)
  • Warp S. Faron
  • Cross purple mist with lantern
  • Enter Forest Temple
  • Early Monkeys (This will also activate Early Boss Fights for later on)
    • Save on File 3
    • BiT behind load zone
    • BiTE
      • Perform BiTE and load File 2 (outside Bo's House)
    • Soft reset as soon as the cutscene starts playing (Start+X+B), then mash start as soon as the screen starts to fade out to skip the cutscene (timing isn't precise)
  • Load File 3 (Forest Temple)
  • Kill one or both walltulas with deku baba nuts or as wolf by luring them lower as human
    • Alternatively, try to climb past one or both walltulas
  • Light torches
  • Cross over monkey chain to Ook
  • Ook
  • Boomerang (E Rang, Boots)
    • [Rang/Boots]
  • Savewarp
  • Warp S. Faron
  • Faron Escape
  • Dash to Eldin
  • Postman Skip
  • Enter Eldin Province

Getting to Eldin Vessel (Gorge Void)

Getting to Eldin Vessel (No Gorge Void)

Eldin Twilight

Lanayru Twilight

  • Warp Death Mountain
  • Transform in the corner
  • Warp rock to Zora's Domain as human
  • Rutela Skip
  • Lanayru Vessel
  • Bug outside Lanayru spring
  • Lake Hylia warp portal
  • Stepping stones for bug
  • Warp Zora's Domain
  • Wall bug and Rutela Skip
  • Waterfall Sidehop or drop down right wall to bug
  • 2 lilypad bugs
  • Bug on cliff (RNG rupees in grass)
  • UZR howling stone __–_¯¯––__
  • Listen to Iza for bug
  • Down the river
  • Castle Town warp portal
  • Dash cancel through Castle Town
  • Castle Town bug
  • Warp Lake Hylia
  • Bug behind Fyer's house
  • Howl at grass
  • 4 Kargarok bugs, bonk, and press B to say 'No' to Midna
  • Last small bug
  • Boss Bug
  • Vessel complete

Zora Armor

  • Warp Castle Town
  • Postman Skip
  • Enter Telma's Bar (starts wagon escort)
  • Bulblin 2 Skip
  • Extinguish fire on wagon with Boomerang
  • Open gate
  • 100R chest under the bridge (140/160R)
  • Kill kargarok with Boomerang before it drops its bomb
  • Dash to the gorge
  • Epona slide over the gorge
    • Alternatively, you can Epona Backhop over the gorge (about 30 seconds slower)
  • LJA over Midna trigger
  • Follow Rutela through Graveyard to grave
  • Zora Armor (don't equip it yet)

Going to Snowpeak Ruins

Snowpeak Ruins

  • Enter door on the left
  • Early Heart Piece 2 (don't need the Heart Piece)
  • Clawshot through the ceiling
  • Jump down or clawshot to door below
  • Ice Clip
  • Enter courtyard
  • Freezard Skip
  • Darkhammer 1-Cycle
  • Ball & Chain
  • Equip Zora Armor and savewarp
  • 100R from armor in the Lobby (240/260R)
  • Ooccoo back to Lakebed

Lakebed Temple

  • Boss Key Skip (top of stairs south)
  • Morpheel with Zora Armor
    • 1-frame early hit on Morpheel

Midna's Desperate Hour

  • Transform wolf
  • Dash to Castle Town
  • Enter Telma's Bar through the door
  • Louise Glitch (saves about 1.7s)
  • Push box once and dash jump to window
  • Ropes in bar
  • Poe
  • Enter sewers
  • Burn first web as wolf with stick
  • Transform at 2nd web and use lantern
  • Dig into hole
  • Bulblin archer
  • Exit tower
  • Early Wind Cycle
  • Zelda cutscene

Desert Province

  • Ending Blow from golden wolf to your right against the wall
  • Warp Lake Hylia
  • Get Memo (E B&C/Memo)
    • [B&C/Memo]
  • Jump into lake and swim to Fyer
  • Show Memo to Fyer and go to Desert Province
  • Enter Bulblin Camp without a boar (E Claw/Rang)
    • [Claw/Rang]
  • Map Glitch to King Bulblin
    • Dying with map glitch active is a softlock, so save in Bulblin Camp if worried about dying to fire arrows or King Bulblin
  • Enter Arbiter's Grounds as human

Arbiter's Grounds

  • Human entrance
  • Pull chain
  • Small Key (E Lantern^Claw)
    • [Rang/Lantern]
  • Torch room
  • Poe door cutscene
  • Enter left room
  • Poe 1 Skip
  • LJA to the door (E B&C^Rang)
    • [Lantern/B&C]
  • Stalfos with Ball & Chain
  • Light front and left torches
  • Poe 4
  • Poe Scent
  • Leave room
  • Jump to the other side using chandelier
  • Push the large metal box 4 times
    • Red rupee from chest if needed (240->260R)
  • Main room
  • Pull chain, enter downstairs door
  • Small Key
  • Redead 1 (280R)
  • Poe 2
  • Return to main room
  • Enter left room
  • Climb the destroyed stairs past the large metal box
  • Cross upper floor of main room on chandelier
  • Enter ghost rat room backwards (don't get the key)
  • Poe 3 room backwards (kill 2nd redead if needed)
  • Back to main room, enter big door
  • Boss Key Early (get 5R in the skull if needed)
  • Full human movement after Boss Key
    • Or transform wolf (roughly 10s slower)
  • Stalfos with Ball & Chain
  • Death Sword
  • Spinner
  • Savewarp
  • Enter Stallord
  • Fight Stallord
  • Exit Arbiter's Grounds

Getting to City in the Sky

  • Mirror Chamber Warp Portal (you have to zoom in all the way on the map and press Z to enable portals from now on)
  • Warp Kakariko
  • Early City in the Sky (need 300R) (E Rang^Spinner)
    • [Claw/Rang]
  • Pay Fyer 300R to fix cannon, enter cannon
    • If you somehow are short on rupees, Fyer has 60
    • If you have fewer than 2 water bombs left, open underwater water bomb chest after cutscene

City in the Sky

Palace of Twilight

Hyrule Castle

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