Back in Time Save

Discovered by Mast3rlink

When Twilight Princess loads the opening cutscene for the title screen, it loads a "dummy" game file used by the real-time cutscene engine that plays the opening sequence. When the Back in Time Glitch is performed successfully, this "dummy" game file is loaded when the game attempts to respawn Link.

Jumping into a void disables the title screen and brings up the HUD, making it possible to save the game during the Back in Time Glitch. For the most part this file acts like a brand new Twilight Princess game, but there are a few key differences.

Differences From A Normal New Game

  • The file retains the same game time from the previous game that did the Back in Time glitch.
  • Link and Epona's names are set to the default names, regardless of what they were in the previous game.
  • When saving and reloading the file, Link will start off in Faron Springs, which is where the first in-game cutscene takes place.
  • Link is already equipped with full Hero's Clothes, the Ordon Sword, and Hylian Shield, but the Sword and Shield are not in the inventory. Because of this, it's impossible to obtain the Ordon Sword normally, and thus the game cannot be beaten without the Sword and Shield Skip.
  • Epona is considered to have been already tamed in Kakariko, and will not be taken away when Illa is captured. Because of this...
    • You can go to Bo's house on days 2 & 3 to get the Iron Boots early.
    • If you do get the Iron Boots early, the trigger for the first King Bulblin fight will be activated, even in twilight. Fortunately, you can easily walk around the trigger.


  • If you don't save before beating King Bulblin, the game will overwrite the current save warp location with Kakariko Village.

Game File with Bombs & Arrows

By performing Infinite Bombs & Arrows, and then re-spawning after BiT, you will have the bombs & arrows in your inventory. See the Iza 1 Skip and Infinite Bomb Arrows page for more information.

Last updated 06/29/2022 – anorakkis