Sword & Shield Skip

Discovered by Nore 139


Sword and Shield Skip skips getting the Ordon Sword, Ordon Shield, and Ordon Spring warp portal by luring a bulblin to the Faron Twilight barrier and LJAing with it over the Midna text trigger preventing normal access to that barrier. On a playthrough that begins with a Back in Time save, this trick is required to progress because the Ordon Sword and Ordon Shield are impossible to get.

Bulblin LJA technique

  1. Find the bulblin and lure it as close to the Faron Twilight barrier as possible along the wall on the same side as the Ordon Spring.

  2. Target the bulblin (continue targeting for the remainder of the trick) and push it further until Link is just in front of the point where Midna will send him back. Starting by pushing the bulblin along the wall can help prevent it from being pushed too far into the center of the path. Turning on senses makes visual cues easier to see here.

  3. Nudge the bulblin away from the wall slightly so that Link is facing towards the center of the twilight barrier while targeting the bulblin.

  4. When the bulblin is in position, wait for it to attack, then backhop, then jump attack it with A. While the bulblin is still in the air, jump attack it again with A to do an LJA over Midna's text trigger.

If the bulblin takes damage at any point, void to reload the area, as the trick cannot be attempted again immediately: Hitting the bulblin with two jump attacks will kill it, and its death persists through reloading the area and saving & quitting. Retrying the trick after killing the bulblin would require loading an earlier save from before the bulblin was killed.

Last updated 09/01/2022 – bewildebeest