Phase 1

Quick Phase 1

It takes two pulls on the tail to complete Phase 1, but it is possible to regrab the tail quickly the second time without having to go all the way to the top and wait for Argorok. After the first pull, turn Link to face the pillar, then quickly clawshot the lowest panel of the pillar (not precise, but avoid the very bottom of the clawshottable area). Once Link is on the pillar, clawshot the tail again to end Phase 1.

The direction Link is facing after the first pull's cutscene depends on the camera angle during the pull. If you use the c-stick during the pull to align the camera the same way every time, you'll be able to hold the same control stick direction to turn Link around every time.

Phase 2

Void Out Timesaver

Discovered by SVA161620

For the first cycle, it is quicker to void out and then climb the pillars, skipping Argorok's flight around the arena, than it is to climb the pillars without voiding out.

Flame Skip

1st and 2nd cycles

Discovered by Dragonbane, faster version by DF
  1. Clawshot to the top of a pillar and put on the Iron Boots.
  2. When Argorok roars, clawshot to the first peahat.
  3. When the flame appears from Argorok's mouth, hold down on the control stick for about half a second, then clawshot to 3 more peahats in the same direction.
  4. Turn and clawshot onto Argorok's back to attack it and finish the cycle. This saves 7 seconds over the first two cycles.

When clawshotting back onto a pillar after falling with Argorok at the end of a cycle, it is possible to ascend too high too soon and cause Argorok to roar before Link has reached the top of a pillar. To avoid this, wait to clawshot onto a pillar from the ground until the wind has visibly begun to blow quickly.

3rd cycle

During the 3rd cycle, Argorok breathes fire in one direction for 5 peahats, then turns around and breathes fire in the other direction. This takes longer than the other cycles, in which the flame goes one direction for 7 peahats. It is possible to cancel the second half of cycle 3's flame by sinking so low with the Iron Boots that Argorok acts as though Link has fallen to the ground

  1. Clawshot to the top of a pillar and do not put on the Iron Boots.
  2. When Argorok roars, clawshot to 4 peahats in the same direction.
  3. When the flame visibly reaches the last peahat before the one Link is hanging from, put on the Iron Boots.
  4. When Argorok begins to shoot flame again on the other side, take the Iron Boots off.
  5. Turn and clawshot onto Argorok's back to attack it with A and finish the fight.

2-Cycle with Great Fairy Tears or Rare Chu Jelly

Discovered by Dragonbane

It is possible to skip the final cycle of Phase 2 by using Fairy Tears or Rare Chu Jelly.

There are two methods for 2-cycling Argorok. The original is harder, as it requires clawshotting onto Argorok without aiming for lack of time. The newer method gives the player time to aim by requiring clawshotting to fewer peahats at the cost of somewhat precise timing on sidehop and bottle inputs.

Improved method

This setup will not work if begun on the wrong pillar in the arena, so use the same pillars shown in the video.

  1. 1st cycle as described above.
  2. Clawshot to near the top of the correct pillar and put on the Iron Boots. From the perspective of the vines used to enter the arena from the boss door, the correct pillar to end up near the top of in this step is the close one on the left side.
  3. When Argorok roars, clawshot onto the peahat on the left.
  4. After sinking for a few seconds with the Iron Boots, clawshot near the top of the other pillar on the same side of the arena as the one in step 2. This will cancel Argorok's flame. Clawshotting too high or too low on this pillar will cause Link to be unable to climb.
  5. Climb, equip the Tears/Jelly over the Iron Boots, and roll towards the right side of the top of the pillar, releasing the control stick mid-roll to cause Link to grab the ledge rather than jumping off.
  6. Target, climb left as far as possible (the one-hand grab animation is fine), climb once to the right, and climb up to the top of the pillar again and wait.
  7. After Argorok roars, it will flap its wings 4 times before the flame emerges from its mouth. As soon as the flame emerges (when the wings are horizontal on the 4th flap), sidehop to the right and mash the bottle button to drink the Tears/Jelly upon landing.
  8. Hold L and left on the control stick, and as soon as Link puts the bottle back in his pocket, press the clawshot button to clawshot to a peahat on the right. Mashing the clawshot button is not recommended, as an extra press can result on the clawshot shooting but then canceling.
  9. Clawshot 2 peahats further in the same direction, then turn and clawshot to Argorok's back. Finish the fight with 4 B attacks. Note that aiming at Argorok's back must be fairly quick or else the timer on the Tears/Jelly will run out before Link deals the 4th and final blow.

This video shows the entirety of phase 2 to make it clear which pillars to use for the trick.

Original instructional video:

Original method (obsolete)

  1. 1st cycle as described above.
  2. Clawshot up to a peahat and wait for Argorok to spit fire.
  3. Clawshot back to the pillar and climb up.
  4. Wait until Argorok spits fire again and use Fairy Tears.
  5. Clawshot up and proceed as usual - 5 peahats, grab, 4 hits.
  6. Blind clawshot Argorok to avoid running out of power from Tears/Jelly.


Created by Skyreon

A video tutorial about the boss fight with commentary:


  • In cycle 1 of Phase 1, clawshotting onto Argorok's tail on the first possible frame will softlock the game, and Argorok will fly Link around the arena indefinitely. Saving and quitting is the fastest way to back this up, but doing so still costs several minutes. This glitch is called "coolgame" and can be seen here.

  • In Phase 2, when Argorok's back's crystal is vulnerable at the end of a cycle, clawshotting towards the crystal but retracting the clawshot on the same frame it would grab the crystal will result in Argorok being unclawshottable for the remainder of the cycle.

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