General Tips

Rupee Text Skips

If you stand next to a Rupee and sidehop over it, you can collect the Rupee without seeing the text that normally pops up

Collecting a Rupee while in the air or on Epona will also skip any Rupee text

Faster Double Door Cutscenes

Link has different animations depending on whether you go through the left or right door at a set of double doors. The right door animation is faster than the left by about 20 frames, so it's generally better to go through double doors from the right side. This does not apply to doors that go into a loading zone.

(Note: On Wii, this is reversed due to the entire game being mirrored. So opening left doors is preferred on Wii)

Quick Midna Jumps

When you press Z to call Midna for a Midna Jump, there's an animation of her flying towards the target spot. For certain jumps, there is 1 frame where you can input a jump before the animation starts and skip needing to watch it. This is used primarily in Castle Sewers.

Burning Webs

Besides Lantern, you can also burn webs using the Ball & Chain, and shooting Bomb Arrows at them

Quick Transform with C-Up

If you C-Up before calling Midna, it will skip the mini cutscene of the camera panning and allow you to transform immediately

Sidehop through steam without Iron Boots

You can sidehop through the steam jets on Death Mountain without needing boots on. You require a shield to do this though

'DF' Walking

When standing still, if you hold L for 2 frames before rolling, you will get to max speed faster than just rolling from standstill

Quick Aiming

Using C-Up followed by an aim item immediately afterwards lets you aim faster than any other method.

When you're stuck onto walls with Double Clawshots, you can get into first person aim quicker by pressing the clawshots button, then tapping L quickly.

Easy Gold Bug grabbing

Normally when you walk near some gold bugs, they will fly away, but if you hold L and walk towards them they won't be scared off.

Quick Air Meter

If you resurface from underwater quickly and then try to sink again, the air meter will appear quicker than it normally does. This is usually a bad thing, as having a quick air meter can make tricks like Pillar Clip or the Morpheel backup impossible.

Time of Day info

  • Morning starts at 6:00, while night starts at 19:00. Poes and Stalhounds will appear when night begins, and disappear when morning starts.
  • 1 ingame minute takes 21 frames to pass.
  • Time does not pass during warps or loads, or in caves, grottos, indoor areas, villages, or dungeons.

There are a few places that will automatically set the time of day to a certain time. For example, Palace of Twilight will change time to night, and City in the Sky will set time to noon. You can abuse this to set time to specific times you desire. Here is a list of events that set specific times.

AreaSet Time of Day
During twilights / Palace of Twilight0:00
After Forest Temple12:00
After King Bulblin 118:00
After Goron Mines12:00
After Lanayru Twilight12:00
After Lakebed Temple12:00
During MDH21:00
After MDH6:00
Entering Stallord via AG21:00
After Snowpeak Ruins12:00
After Temple of Time12:00
After City in the Sky12:00
Cave of Ordeals Floor 1623:00
Last updated 02/24/2020 – Taka