Faron Twilight

Faron Spirit text skip (GCN)

Opening the map and talking to the spirit (d-pad left/right and A) on the same frame makes it possible to close the map immediately instead of having to advance through the spirit's text boxes on top of the map.

This does not work on Wii due to the priorities of the map and interaction being flipped.

Coro text skip

After listening to Coro's spirit, charge up and target both bugs, then turn off senses slightly before or at the same time as releasing the charge. The bugs should die before they disappear, which will skip Coro's text that's normally there.

Skip digging up mist bugs

Voiding in the purple mist to reload the area after the cutscene makes it possible to attack the bugs before they dig underground. This is slightly faster than waiting to dig them up.


There are several instances in Faron Twilight of single frames between cutscenes and/or text boxes where inputs can save time:

  • between any digging and the animation of Midna landing on Link's back - dash to skip the animation
  • between Midna's text and the Midna jump becoming available entering the purple mist area from the tunnel - hold L and press A to start the Midna jump early
  • between the cutscene of the Faron Vessel being completed and Midna's text - as human, backflip to avoid the text trigger
Last updated 04/01/2024 – bewildebeest