Any% (Forest) (BD)

This is the Wii Any% Forest + Bomb Duping route for NA 1.0, PAL, and JP Wii versions of Twilight Princess. The fastest route, Any% BiTE is faster by several minutes but also significantly harder to perform due to precision and lack of backup strategies.

Note that all GCN&Wii tricks/glitches linked in this route are done on Gamecube and therefore are mirrored on Wii version.

This route is an improvement on the older "RTA" route and implements bomb bag duping as wolf. There are other variations included in the addenda below, but for now, bomb duping is presumed the fastest option for Forest route.

Route intended for NA 1.0, PAL and JPN

The route written below beats Forest Temple, does Midna Dive and Helmasaur LJA, duplicates the Lent Bomb Bag to beat Lakebed, and does Snowpeak before Arbiter's. However, the Addenda below lists other routing options.

Runs that use this route:


Faron Province

  • South Faron Portal
  • Faron Vessel
  • First two bugs (Ignore tears)
  • Bug outside Coro
  • Bugs inside Coro's house
  • Bugs before tunnel (Ignore tears)
  • Dig shortcut in tunnel
  • Bugs on left wall (Ignore tears)
  • Midna jump to bugs in tree trunk
  • Ignore burrowed bugs
  • Early Master Sword (right wall)
  • Enter Sacred Grove

  • Grove chase
  • Skull Kid fight
  • Statues Puzzle [LD UUU RR DDD LU]
  • Master Sword
  • Warp South Faron with Midna
  • Collect remaining tears
  • Lantern through mist
  • Mist bugs before they burrow + collect tears
    • 10R in dig spot behind sign (10R)
  • North Faron Portal
  • Bugs outside Forest Temple
  • Collect final tears as human, vessel filled
  • Warp North Faron with Midna
  • Ending Blow
  • Enter Forest Temple

Forest Temple

  • Save 1st Monkey, knock down Walltulas
  • Defeat Skulltula and light torches
  • Go outside, skip CS, go back
  • Monkey swing to west door
  • Small key chest past bridge
  • Save 2nd Monkey
  • Back to center room + burn web
  • Early Boomerang Via Bridges
  • Ook and Gale Boomerang
    • [E: Lantern / Iron Boots / Gale]

Eldin Transition

  • Mail Man skips (NTSC 1.0 only):
  • No Mail Man skips (Every other version, 10s slower):
    • Call Epona and ride to HFS
    • Hit mailman trigger then ride to Eldin (west)
  • Enter Eldin Twilight
  • Kakariko Gorge Portal
  • Forced Warp South Faron
  • Dash back to Hyrule Field, then to east part of HFS
  • Lanayru Gate Clip
  • Skip bridge burning cutscene
  • Kargarok Battle
  • Kargarok Flight
  • Zora’s Domain Portal
  • Warp to North Faron, then warp bridge to Kakariko Gorge
  • Run around KB1 trigger
  • Kakariko Village Portal

Eldin Twilight

Lakebed I - Getting Ooccoo

  • Warp Death Mountain
    • Transform in the corner
  • Warp meteor to Zora's Domain as human
  • One frame sidehop to skip Midna text
  • Rutela CS skip
  • Swim to Boss Bug platforms
  • Midna Dive into Lakebed
  • Save on File 2 + Reset
  • Load File 1 (Sacred Grove)
  • Howl at stone [MUD MUD]
  • Skip Cutscenes + Reset to set EBF
  • Load File 2 (File # No Longer Matters)
  • First Room
  • Helmasaur LJA + Wolf Dash
  • Staircase Room for Ooccoo
    • Down stairs and around
    • Pull south lever
    • Up stairs and left to Ooccoo
  • Jumpslash or sidehop down to 1F
  • To west hallway
    • [E: Lantern/Boomerang/Boots/Ooccoo]
  • Ooccoo Out

Lanayru Twilight

  • Talk to Lanayru for Vessel
  • Chase bug on bridges
  • Lake Hylia Portal
  • Stepping stones bug
  • Warp Zora’s Domain
  • Zora’s Domain bug
  • Skip Rutela as human again
  • Waterfall sidehop / swim out of waterfall
  • Drop to bug on East ZD
  • Lilypad bugs (keep them dry on 1.0)
  • Mother and Child bug
  • Iza bug
  • Swim against current to Hyrule Field North
  • Dash to Castle Town east
  • Castle Town Portal
  • Castle Town bug
  • Warp Lake Hylia
  • Fyer bug
  • Kargarok bugs
  • Boss bug
  • Lanayru Vessel Complete

Lakebed II - Clawshot & Morpheel

  • Warp Zora’s Domain
  • Run to Upper Zora's River
  • Steal Lent Bomb Bag as wolf
    • If you trigger fight as human, savewarp then retry
    • After first steal, warp back to UZR to duplicate the bag
    • Talk to Iza at the end AGAIN to refill the duped bag
  • Warp Castle Town
  • Transform to human and re-equip Ooccoo
    • A side effect is having 4 boomerangs equipped; just re-equip needed items over
    • [E: Gale / Ooccoo Jr. / Boots / Bombs]
  • Ooccoo back to Lakebed
    • Begin emptying bomb bag
  • Small key in cog room
  • Back to central staircase room
  • Up the stairs to locked door on 2F
  • Finish emptying bag and open 5 WB chest
  • Drop the stalactite and climb vines to other side
  • Jump Attack onto platform from 2F
  • Enter Deku Toad room from back
  • Deku Toad
  • Clawshot
    • [E: Clawshot / Water Bombs / Boots / Gale]
  • Head back out to central room
  • Vine clip, use clawshot or bombs
  • Morpheel with ZA
  • Lakebed done

Midna's Desperate Hour

  • Equips revert back to pre-Iza
    • Bomb bag reverts to 30 normal bombs to use for rest of run
    • [E: Lantern / null / Boots / Gale]
  • Dash as wolf to Telma's bar
  • Push box once then jump to window
  • Ropes through Telma's Bar
  • Jovani's Poe
  • Return to Sewers
  • First Web with stick as wolf
  • Second Web with lantern as human
  • Dig into hole
  • Bulblin Archer
  • Tower ascent
  • Early Wind Cycle
  • Zelda cutscene

Snowpeak Ruins

  • Warp Zora's Domain and dash to Snowpeak
  • Map glitch
  • Snowpeak ascent
  • Howling stone to reload map
  • Climb ladder and vines in ice cave
    • [E: Clawshot / Bombs / Boots / Gale]
    • Start emptying bombs for CitS
  • Snowpeak Messenger Skip / Snowpeak portal
  • Snowboarding (50R)
  • Enter SPR
  • Talk to Yeta
  • Talk to Yeto
  • Block puzzle in next room
  • Moonboots JA Bomb Boost in courtyard
    • Equip Lantern over Boots
  • 1F Freezard clip
  • Darkhammer
    • [E: Ball & Chain / Clawshot / Lantern / Bombs]
  • 100R in back (150R)
  • Savewarp
  • 100R in Lobby (250R)
  • Leave Snowpeak

Into the Desert

  • Warp Lake Hylia
  • Auru's memo
    • [E: Memo / Clawshot / Lantern / Bombs]
  • Swim to Fyer
  • Cannon to Gerudo Desert
    • [E: B&C / Clawshot / Lantern / Bombs]
  • Dash through desert
  • Dash past the riders
  • Enter Bulblin camp without boar
  • Map Glitch to KB3
  • King Bulblin 3
  • Enter Arbiter’s Grounds

Arbiter's Grounds

  • Pull chain and get small key
  • Spooky lantern room
  • Poe cutscene
  • Poe 1 skip on Wii
  • Push box 8 times, pull chandelier
  • Defeat Stalfos with B&C or bombs
  • Lantern puzzle (center, right)
  • Poe 4 and Poe scent
  • Back to center room, pull chain
  • Redead and small key and 20R (290R)
  • Back upstairs to Poe 2
  • Poe 2
  • Back to center room, east door
  • Go upstairs
  • Redead(s) outside Poe 3 (300R)
  • Poe 3
  • Gate
  • Early Boss Key
  • Spinner room backwards
  • Triple Stalfos with Bombs
  • Death Sword
  • Spinner and savewarp
    • [E: Spinner / Lantern / Bombs / Clawshot]
  • Backtrack to Stallord
  • Stallord
  • Arbiter’s done

City in the Sky

  • Mirror Chamber
  • Warp Kak to escape raising mirror
    • [E: Spinner / Gale / Boots / Clawshot]
  • Early City in the Sky
  • Talk to Fyer to repair cannon (0R)
  • Go to CitS
    • Bomb bag must be empty

Palace of Twilight

Hyrule Castle


Faster Bomb Duping (tricky)

There also exists a bomb duping route that is a faster alternative (~20s), but much trickier than the above route. It is as follows:

  • Same route up through Eldin Twilight
    • Don't save at Grove 1
  • Lakebed I without setting EBF
  • All of Lanayru Twilight
  • Steal Lent Bomb Bag as wolf
    • Duplicate bag and ask Iza for bombs
    • Warp Zora's Domain afterwards
  • Snowpeak Ascent to Ball and Chain as written
  • Get both orange rupees, Ooccoo back to Lakebed
  • Lakebed II (Clawshot) but without Goron Bag
    • Moonboots over railing for Early Deku Toad: [video]
  • Lakebed III (Morpheel)
    • Use water bombs sparingly if possible, since you won't get a refill afterwards.
  • Midna's Desperate Hour
  • Desert
  • Arbiter's Grounds
    • If out of bombs, use B&C (should refill WB in CitS)
    • Note: you could in theory skip the WB refill but this is not recommended.
  • Mirror Chamber
  • Route converges at City in the Sky (return to route)

Arbiter's Grounds before Snowpeak

You may also do Snowpeak Ruins after Arbiter's Grounds, if you prefer spinner bomb boost. Note that this does NOT work with the above alternative.

  • Same route up through Midna's Desperate Hour
  • Warp Lake Hylia and get Auru's memo
  • Desert with boars
    • [Strat video?]
    • Use boar to get into bulblin camp
  • Map Glitch to KB3
  • King Bulblin 3
  • Arbiter’s Grounds but no B&C (use bombs instead)
  • Mirror Chamber
  • Warp Zora's Domain
  • Map glitch
  • Snowpeak ascent and snowboarding
  • Snowpeak Ruins but with spinner bomb boost
  • Ball & Chain
  • Get both orange rupees
  • Warp Kakariko Village
  • Route converges at City in the Sky (return to route)

Other Route Alternatives

  • A similar route that steals the Goron Bomb Bag can be found here
  • If you care for neither bomb duping nor moonboots, there is also the Classic Wii Any% Route
  • If you prefer to fight Morpheel and Zant with Zora Armor, see the Wii Any% ZA route
  • If early game is too daunting, then the beginner route which does not do Sword and Shield Skip can be found here.
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