These are various timings for Cutscenes, Routes, and miscellaneous things.


  • Timings only take text time into account, not version differences
  • English saves 13f over German on Heart Container text
  • German saves 8f over English on rupee text

Any% Language Timings

Any% (Gorge, ELH)
LanguageTime (vs. fastest)Notes
Japanese+23fDoesn't have Map Glitch

100% Language Timings

LanguageTime (vs. fastest)Notes
English---Instant text for most Golden Bugs
Japanese+7.5sDoesn't have Map Glitch

Glitchless Language Timings

Glitchless Any%
LanguageTime (vs. fastest)Notes
Korean [Wii]---Korean is only available for Wii
German [GCN]+1:10.23---
Japanese [GCN]+1:16.90---
English [GCN]+1:18.43---
English [Wii]+1:23.13---
Italian [GCN]+1:23.17---
Spanish [GCN]+1:23.27---
Japanese [Wii]]+1:25.17---
French [GCN]+1:28.40---
German [Wii]+1:28.57---
Spanish [Wii]+1:33.53---
Italian [Wii]+1:34.03---
French [Wii]+1:49.03---

All Dungeons Language Timings

All Dungeons
LanguageTime (vs. fastest)Notes
Japanese+2.47sDoesn't have Map Glitch

Rupee Text Language Timings

Rupee Text
LanguageDuration (frames)

Route Rankings


(Note: Timings may vary due to console load times.)

Route Ranking
RouteTime (vs. fastest)Notes
Gorge (Empty Lake Hylia)---Timing assumes 1-bomb Morpheel (15s) and Stallord Skip (1m40s); no wolfos superjump.
Gorge (Pillar Clip)+0:18Timing assumes 1-bomb Morpheel (15s) and Stallord Skip (1m40s).
BiTE+0:58Assumes good KB1 RNG, 1-bomb Morpheel (15s), and Stallord Skip (1m40s); no wolfos superjump.
Gorge/ZA+3:18Assumes Hyrule Castle Barrier 1 Skip.
BiTE/ZA+3:53Assumes good KB1 RNG and Hyrule Castle Barrier 1 Skip.
Gorge (No Void)+1:06(i.e. failing Gorge Void on any Gorge route costs about 1m10s)

All Dungeons

(Note: Timings may vary due to console load times; Times are given as estimates)

Route Ranking
RouteTime (vs. fastest)Notes
No ZA (Early Clawshot)------
No ZA+6s---
ZA (Bomb Bag)+1:30~---

Cutscene Times

These are timings for various unskippable cutscenes.

Cutscene Timings (m:ss)
CutsceneFrom last input to regaining control of LinkFrom last input to next input (e.g. text or skipping cutscene)
Master Sword1:59.70:49
S. Faron warp portal spawn0:240:23
Warping bridge to Gorge0:320:32
Starting Epona taming0:320:32
Boss Bug defeated0:150:15
Bridge of Eldin warp portal spawn0:330:33
Entering STAR 10:330:25
Louise MDH0:39N/A
Arbiter's Grounds poe gate closing0:400:40
Arbiter's Grounds final soul and poe gate opening0:200:20
Entering SPR boss key room0:180:18
Bridge goron HP after Hot Spring Water0:370:30
Warping Bridge of Eldin0:250:25
Impaz in Hidden Village1:020:20
Ilia Horse Call2:030:50
Warping Sky Cannon0:220:22
Fixing Sky Cannon0:460:28
Entering City in the Sky1:080:35
Light Sword0:270:23
The friends we made along the way0:520:52
Ook defeated0:510:40
Diababa defeated1:090:52
Dangoro defeated0:300:12
Fyrus defeated1:120:50
Deku Toad defeated0:130:13
Morpheel mid-fight32.732.7
Morpheel defeated1:22.71:09
Death Sword mid-fight0:060:06
Death Sword defeated0:220:22
Stallord mid-fight part 10:310:31
Stallord mid-fight part 20:310:31
Stallord defeated0:440:43
Darkhammer defeated0:27.70:27.7
Blizzeta mid-fight0:230:23
Blizzeta defeated1:490:36
Darknut mid-fight0:090:09
Darknut defeated0:190:19
Armogohma mid-fight0:260:26
Armogohma defeated0:500:26
Aeralfos mid-fight0:070:07
Aeralfos defeated0:260:26
Argorok mid-fight1:031:03
Argorok defeated1:08.60:53
Phantom Zant defeated0:120:12
Zant fight beginning0:33N/A
Zant defeated0:220:18
Puppet Zelda defeated0:170:12
Beast Ganon defeated0:310:19
Horseback Ganon defeated0:56.60:56.6
King Bulblin 1 defeated0:210:10
King Bulblin 2 defeated0:330:15
King Bulblin 3 defeated0:420:42
King Bulblin 4 defeated0:350:14
Ending Blow0:280:28
UZR howling stone0:41.90:27

Miscellaneous Timings

EBF from first BiT vs Rooftop BiT+4.9s---
New Camp Map Glitch vs Old Strat-3.8s---
Camp Map Glitch vs no Map Glitch-16s---
Kargorok with Iron Boots vs Quick Kill-6s---
South Field Postman Skip vs hitting trigger as Wolf-10s---
Failing South Field Postman Skip LJA+16s---
Wolf dash to Lanayru Gate vs Using Epona-10s---
Silver Rupee w/ Sword after Eldin Twilight47s---
SPR Backroom 100R13s---
Leave room after B&C + Ooccoo out19s1 Frame Ooccoo Pull
Death Sword Skip 1st try37.7sWith Samu setup
Death Sword Skip 2nd try1:00.5With Samu setup
Death Sword normal fight52.5s---
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