Eldin Province

─────── Any% ───────

Crawling to Rutela Timesaver

Discovered by LogitechSDAZ

When following Rutela to get the Zora Armor, she leads Link to a crawl hole in the Kakariko Graveyard. Normally Link would have to crawl 29 times to get through the hole. Instead, crawl a little past half way, then crawl backwards. Rutela will say "This way!" which warps Link to her, allowing him to only crawl 21 times.

Silver rupee without bow

Discovered by Dragonbane

It is possible to grab the silver rupee without climbing the tower by using bombs and the boomerang. Jump attack on the border of the wagon and pull out a bomb. Then pull boomerang and target the ground once and then the bell on top of the tower till target limit.

King Bulblin 1

Full details on the KB1 fight (both field and bridge) can be found on the King Bulblin boss fights page.

───── Glitchless ───────

Skip first goron

Discovered by DragonBane0, setup by SVA

1, Climb where shown in the video 2. Sidehop left and pull out sword midair 3. Backflip into the cutscene and spin control stick so Link will do a spin attack upon landing 4. Begin holding L and up on the control stick during the cutscene and continue afterward until Link grabs the wall

Below is the older and more difficult 1-frame roll method, which is not recommended. Backflip where shown, walk backwards for 1 frame, then roll forwards.

─────── 100% ───────

Double HP LJA

Stand near the light spot on the ground towards the left side of the vines. Use the boomerang to target the left corner of the rock and then the heart piece on top. Release the boomerang and LJA as soon as possible to reach the ledge with the chest. It is possible to open the chest before the boomeranged heart piece reaches Link. This bypasses using the double clawshots to reach the chest.

Gorge Hop for Heart Piece

It's possible to grab the ledge near the chest with a precise jump as wolf.

Gorge cave with bomb arrows

Example of using bomb arrows in the Gorge cave. The 3rd web is the least useful to use a bomb arrow on as the cave's curves make it bombable only from very close by, meaning the player still has to wait for the web to finish burning before proceeding.

Fast golden bug movement

While still on Epona, target the golden bug with the boomerang and then turn and dash over the bridge. The bug and boomerang can cross the gorge and fence to reach Link, but picking up the other bug will cause the first bug to fall wherever the boomerang is at the time, so do not pick up the second bug while the boomerang is over the gorge.

Silver rupee in bell without Epona

Note that Link's movement is important. Moving to a bad position can result in the silver rupee getting stuck on the broken walls at the top of the Sanctuary, and moving away from the bell too soon will result in the boomerang target(s) on the bell disappearing and the boomerang returning to Link without picking up the rupee.

Silver rupee in bell without Epona (slower method/backup)

Discovered By Venick409

Bomb arrow the bell or use the boomerang and a bomb to make a bomb hit the bell. Jump attack onto the broken wall and walk slightly up its slope, then target as shown in the video to avoid the rupee getting stuck on the walls. Roll away while the boomerang is picking up the rupee as shown.

Early Elevator Access

LJA method

Discovered by LogitechSDAZ, Erodyne

With a clip out of bounds, it's possible to reach the Death Mountain elevator room from below, saving time over climbing normally.

  1. Midna jump up to the ledge and transform into human

  2. Go into the corner and walk slightly left into the ledge, so that Link climbs as far right as possible.

  3. While targeting, wait for Link to stand fully from the edge and raise his shield, then perform a target roll (L + A) and immediately hold up on the control stick so that Link will jump when he reaches the edge. Holding up too late will result in a neutral drop out of bounds

  4. After beginning to hold up, mash B to pull sword and get a jumpslash right after jumping to land out of bounds. Do not put on the iron boots during this jumpslash, as doing so crashes the game. There is also no reason to do so.

  5. Roll up-left to avoid the goron, then LJA as shown in the video.

As Wolf (non-LJA method)

Discovered by Dragonbane & Taka

After clipping in step 4 on the LJA method above, transform to wolf immediately. Then B-attack up-left to avoid the goron's attack. From here, aim directly towards the vertical pipe and dash off the ledge to land in the elevator room. This is about 6s slower than the LJA method.

Original video by Taka: here Tutorial video by Skyreon: here

Elevator Escape

With Early Elevator Access, it is possible to ride the elevator up before the Goron guarding it will move. There are three known ways to bypass the Goron.


Simply savewarp to spawn at the room's normal entrance. However, as savewarping removes text displacement which is needed to enter Goron Mines with the Master Sword, this is often not useful.

with spinner

After gaining control in the elevator, press the spinner button, then press it again once Link has ridden forwards into the Goron to get off and get teleported past the Goron. This is useful in routes without text displacement, as the spinner can also be used to bypass the invisible wall blocking the dungeon entrance.

with transformation

discovered by bewildebeest

Transform somewhere in the corner shown and facing the wall so that Link begins vibrating. Hold slightly down to make Link walk slowly into the wall and vibrate further into the Goron. Press Z to transform, then hold the control stick towards the Goron and press A to roll (frame perfect).

This method in combination with the LJA method of early elevator saves about 17s over ascending Death Mountain normally.

Mailman Skip exiting Kakariko

Vine method

Discovered by Dragonbane

While on Epona, clawshot high enough onto the vines that Link grabs them (as opposed to automatically falling). Because there is a mailman deactivation trigger on the vines, the mailman trigger will be deactivated.

This does not work on original Wii releases because there is no deactivation trigger on the vines. It does work on Wii 1.2 and the Korean release.

LJA method

Discovered by sva

It is also possible to deactivate the mailman trigger by jumping across the gap using an LJA. Backflip off of Epona past the crack and stand near the dark splotch. Don't aim too far right or Link will jump into the void.

Eldin cliff HP chest

Bomb arrow and clawshot method (fastest)

While on Epona, bomb arrow the rock at the top of the vines, then clawshot the vines to skip blowing up other rocks and following the intended path. Clawshotting too low on the vines will result in Link falling instead of grabbing.

Ball & chain method

LJA method

Stand near the left edge of the ledge and throw the boomerang over the rock. LJA when the boomerang is coming back and above the higher ledge

Alternatively, target the very top of the rock to get an LJA. The target is fairly precise.

Early Eldin Bridge HP chest

LJA method

Throw the boomerang over the ramparts and LJA to skip moving the owl statue with the dominion rod.

Without LJA

Discovered by Chaoss6
Faster strat by Ekke325

With a semi-precise dash jump, it's possible to reach the opposite ledge without a boomerang LJA. Stand on the edge of the collision just by the void, turn wolf, and dash forward. Link will grab the ledge and be able to climb.

Fast bridge golden bug

Boomerang the bug while on Epona, ride to the rocks on the opposite side, and blow them up to start the cutscene. The bug will reach Link during the cutscene to be picked up immediately afterward.

LJA to stockcave from below

LJA over the void to enter stockcave from below. Saves around 8.4s over entering normally.

Mailman Skips on Eldin Bridge

After warping the piece of Eldin Bridge back to repair the bridge, there are mailman triggers on both sides of the bridge. Both can be skipped by LJAing with the boomerang over the void to the side of the bridge.

For the trigger towards Eldin Field, the visual cue is before the 2nd fat block after the crack, or the 4th block after the crack.

For the trigger towards goron stockcave or Hidden Village, the visual cue on the ground is just before the 3rd fat block.

Hidden Village cats minigame

Diagram by WaterproofTeabag

Cats minigame

Cats 5, 7, 9, and 10 sometimes fall to the ground and can be rerouted earlier or later than this diagram shows depending on when they fall. Cats 13-16 (especially 16) can move far from their starting locations, but will generally stay on their half of the map.

Hidden Village Poe from below

Discovered By Venick

It is possible to jump attack the wall to lure the poe down, skipping having to clawshot up.

Transform after defeating bulblins

Discovered By SVA16120

After clearing the bulblins in Hidden Village, transforming is normally impossible no matter where Link stands due to someone being able to see him. However, there is a strange spot in the window going to the howling stone area (see video) where he can transform. Note that doing this will prevent transforming later during Cat Minigame until Link exits and re-enters the area via the loading zone.

─────── Misc. ───────

Ending Blow jump over gate

With a very precise Ending Blow on a kargarok, Link can jump over the gate, making it possible to bypass the gate and the King Bulblin 1 trigger.

LJA to 100R chest

A few LJAs skip needing the statue to get to the 100R chest.

Enter Zora Cave early

Discovered by LogitechSDAZ

It is possible to enter the secret Zora cave behind Kakariko Graveyard early while the rock is still there by using LJAs. This can be used to get to Lake Hylia early or to get to Prince Ralis without the Zora Armor cutscene.

Cliff rock HP without cutscene

Discovered by SVA16120

It is possible to boomerang the heart piece from behind the rocks without blowing them up, which skips a cutscene and doesn't require bomb arrows. Stand as shown in the video and target once on the rock and then by the archway. This is finicky if Link is not standing in the spot shown.

Silver rupee without bombs

Discovered by Taka

Using Storage, Link can climb the Sanctuary and hit the bell with the sword to make the silver rupee drop. Due to requiring Map Glitch, though, this generally isn't preferred.

Transformation spot in Barnes' shop

Orange rupee chest without cucco

wolf method ("Precious Booty Jump")

  1. Backwalk to grab the ledge. Not too precise, but you should make Link backwalk into the wooden post to get close enough to the corner.
  2. Climb while targeting, then dry roll after the wooden post pushes Link out. (Can see his x and z positions change instantaneously at around 0:05.)
  3. Align right side of 3rd heart with fencepost. Using the swirly stuff behind heart 3 is fine if you're missing health.
  4. Transform, target to straighten camera, and hold up + dash. Dashing within 8 frames of holding up (including the same frame as you start holding up) will work.
  5. Don't let go of up at any point during the descent. I'm not sure why this makes a difference, but if you change the stick direction midair, it won't work even if you get back to up before landing.
  6. Keep holding up and dash from the first ledge to the ledge with the chest. There is a 5-frame window for this dash.
  7. Obtain the precious booty.

Void out behind Gor Coron's room loading zone

LJA method

Stand next to the exit and LJA to get behind the loading zone. It is 2s faster to void out rather than exiting and re-entering the area. This is not useful in Text Displacement routes, where it is possible to roll past the guard gorons without reloading the room.

Jump attack method (non-LJA alternative)

A precise running jump attack or sidehop can also reach the void behind the loading zone.

LJA exiting Death Mountain Crater

It is faster by 2-3s to LJA across the pit instead of going down the normal way.

Epona OoB to Castle Town

Use Map Glitch, then ride Epona OoB behind the load zone to Kakariko. Use the setup shown below to lose height, then ride back near the horse grass and park Epona OoB where Link can remount her. Backflip off, savewarp, and load the file. Mount Epona on the left side (GCN), then ride her behind the Castle Town loading zone. If you parked her high enough at the savewarp, you can ride her into the back wall of the load zone (see video) and she will automatically stop in a good place to dismount and jump attack to the load zone. If you didn't park her high enough at the savewarp, she won't hit the wall, so you'll have to manually line her up using the map before dismounting and jump attacking.

Riding into the Castle Town loading zone with Epona will cause the game to crash. Be careful when setting her up.

The setup for dropping height on Epona can be done as follows:

  1. Ride Epona to the end of the wall collision
  2. Line up Epona where the saddle is visible, but Link is not.
  3. Turn the camera so that it is barely OoB (can also use the right pillar in the background to line up)
  4. Slash + Dash 5x, do not hold up on the control stick
  5. When Epona stops naturally, do a 90 degree turn to the left
  6. Wait a moment for Epona's animation to settle, otherwise she won't be able to dash
  7. Slash + Dash 3x, buffer
  8. When you start falling, hold left + dash

Original video by Taka here

Epona OoB to Hidden Village

Similar to above, use Map Glitch to setup Epona OoB underground outside Kakariko. After disabling Map Glitch, ride Epona around the void floor to the Hidden Village tunnel. Backflip off Epona to get inside.

Map Glitch to Lanayru Trigger

Discovered by Dragonbane

After opening the Eldin Bridge warp portal, do Map Glitch and roll 8/9 times towards the part of the bridge shown in the video. Stand on the left part of the jutting stone and aim at the line of twilight or slightly to the right of it (not extremely precise). Throw the boomerang and LJA as soon as possible. Link will slide across the void floor at LJA speed until reaching the Lanayru Twilight cutscene trigger. Note that saying no to Midna at the prompt will crash the game because that area was never loaded.

Milk Dive to Lanayru Trigger

Riding Epona off the ledge will cause her to fall and Link to void out, but using a bottle item to start a cutscene they fall skips the void trigger, making it possible to ride around the void floor. From here, it is possible to ride into the Lanayru Twilight trigger.

LJAs to Hidden Village top floor

Two different ways to get to the top floor with LJAs.

Enemy LJA to Gorge HP (obsolete)

Instead of using the boomerang, lure a nearby kargarok over the void between Link and the ledge with the chest. Target the kargarok and hit it once with the sword to make it move back further. While still targeting it, jump attack to LJA to the chest. This can also be done as wolf using the bokoblin near the ledge.

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