Eldin Province

─────── Any% ───────

Crawling to Rutela Timesaver

Discovered by LogitechSDAZ

When following Rutela to get the Zora Armor, you will reach a crawl hole in the Kakariko Graveyard. Normally you would have to crawl 29 times to get through the hole. Instead, crawl a little past half way, and then crawl backwards. Rutela will say "This way!" which warps you to her, causing you to only crawl 21 times.

Silver Rupee in Any% BiTE Route

Discovered by Dragonbane

For the Any% BiTE route, it is possible to grab the silver rupee without climbing the tower by using bombs and the Boomerang.
To do it, jump attack on the border of the wagon and pull out a bomb. Then just pull boomerang, target the ground once and then the bell on top of the tower till target limit.

King Bulblin 1

Full details on the KB1 fight (both field and bridge) can be found on the King Bulblin boss fights page.

───── Glitchless ───────

Skip First Goron

Discovered by DragonBane0, Setup by SVA

The first goron on DMT you are required to have the Iron boots to throw him off, however there is a 1 frame window before he is talking to you where you can roll out of the trigger. The setup uses an auto spin attack from a backflip to break out of the wrestle animation with ease. From here you can walk backwards to the edge to hang off and wait for the goron to pass. In 100% the first time you visit the goron and required to get knocked off it is faster to do this then drop down yourself 1) Climb where shown in the video 2) Sidehop left + pull out sword in air 3) Backflip into the CS and spin control stick so you auto spin-attack once 4) During the CS hold L and Up on the control stick

Below is the 1 frame roll method. Backflip where shown, walk backwards for 1 frame then roll forward. Not recommended over the setup

─────── 100% ───────

Double Heart Piece LJA

Normally, you would be required to have the Double Clawshots to get to the vines in order to climb to the the chest on the left (GCN) side of the Kakariko Gorge. Instead, You can stand by the far left vines and target the leftmost part of the cliff, then the 2nd HP on top of the cliff, Now LJA instantly and you can open the chest before the 2nd heart piece gets to you.

Wii Alternative

Instead of using the Gale Boomerang, lure a nearby Kargaroc over the void between you and the ledge with the chest. Target the Kargaroc and hit it once with your sword to make it move back further. While still targeting it, jumpslash to long jump to the chest. This can also be done using the bokoblin near the ledge as a wolf.

Gorge Cave with Bomb Arrows

Example of doing Gorge cave using bomb arrows.

Fast Golden Bug movement

By targeting the bug with the boomerang, you can dash past the bridge and still have the bug reach over the fence to get to you.

Get 200R In Bell Without Epona

Discovered By Venick409

The 200R in the bell in Kakariko only appears during certain states so some categories (especially Any%) cannot get it. To get the 200R to fall out you have to bombarrow the bell or use the boomerang & a bomb to make a bomb hit the bell. To save having to climb up onto the roof as wolf or calling epona in 100% you can boomerang the rupee from below. To do this jump attack onto the broken wall and go up it slightly to gain height, now target as shown in the video to avoid the rupee getting stuck on the walls and roll towards the shop. The rupee should come to you.

Faster 200R in Bell without Epona (100%)

Mailman Skip Coming Out of Kakariko

Vine Method

Discovered by Dragonbane

This mailman skip is unique in the fact that it doesn't skip the mailman with an LJA but deactivates all mailman triggers until a new area is loaded. There are a few triggers around the game where, once hit, they will deactivate mailman triggers until an area is loaded. This is used for example on Eldin field where they want you to get the mailman when entering the field but not leaving, assuming because it would look out of place, these triggers are normally places just before the mailman trigger on the side where they don't want you to hit it, so it deactivates it as you leave the field for example

We can use this to our advantage when leaving Kakariko to Eldin Field, because we can just about clawshot the vines above us when mounted on Epona. It wasn't intended that this could happen and there is one of these deactivation triggers on the vines because normally you come from eldin field side. However with a bit of practice and adjusting you can position Epona so that you can clawshot the vines and hang on them, this causes all mail-man triggers to disappear, so you can then just drop down and carry on with Epona. It should be noted you need to clawshot high enough that you could climb if you wished, if you clawshot too low you won't hit the trigger, you can tell if it was too low because you will automatically drop off.

This Mailman Skip does not work on original Wii releases because there is no deactivation trigger on the vines. It does work on Wii 1.2 and the Korean release.

LJA Method

Discovered by sva

As it turns out you can also deactivate the mailman trigger by simply jumping across the gap using a LJA. Backflip off Epona past the crack and stand near to the dark splodge.
Don't aim too far to the right or you will jump into the void.

Early Eldin Cliff HP chest

By riding Epona to a semi-precise position, you can clawshot up to the vines and skip needing to blow up the rocks on the ground.

LJA to Eldin Cliff HP chest

Stand near the left edge of the ledge, and throw the boomerang over the rock. LJA when the boomerang is coming back and above the higher ledge

Alternatively you can use can target the very top of the rock to get an LJA. The targets are fairly precise

LJA to Eldin Bridge HP Chest

There is a HP in the tower to the side of Eldin Bridge which normally requires you to bring a statue across the whole bridge, however you can skip this by doing an LJA. To perform this just throw the boomerang above the tower and when the boomerang is over the top jump attack to get the LJA.

Early Eldin Bridge HP Chest Without LJA

Discovered by Chaoss6
Faster Strat by Ekke325

With a semi-precise dash jump, it's possible to reach the opposite ledge without a Gale LJA. Stand on the edge of the collision just by the void, turn wolf, and dash forward. You'll grab the ledge and be able to pull yourself up.

Fast bridge Golden Bug

If you boomerang the bug while on Epona, you can ride to the rocks and start the cutscene. The bug will reach you during the cutscene, and you can pick it up immediately after

LJA to Stockcave from below

You can LJA over the void to enter Stockcave from below. Saves around 8.4s in 100%

Mailman Skips On Eldin Bridge

In 100% you warp the bridge to fix Eldin bridge and there are mailman triggers both directions of the bridge and you will need to go both ways from the middle. However it is possible to avoid him easily both times by LJAing with the boomerang over the void

For the mailman towards Eldin field the visual cue is before the 2nd fat block after the crack, or the 4th block after the crack, then just throw the boomerang to the right and LJA once it is over the void

For the mailman towards goron stockcave or hidden village the visual cue on the ground is just before the 3rd fat block, once again throw the boomerang to the right and LJA once it is over the void

Poe From Below In Hidden Village

Discovered By Venick

It is possible to jump attack the wall to lure the poe down which skips having to clawshot up.

Transform After Defeating Bulblins

Discovered By SVA16120

Normally you cannot transform after you clear all the enemies no matter where you stand due to someone being able to see you. However there is a strange spot in the window going to the howling stone area where you can. Shown in the video below. This is used in 100% to howl after clearing enemies and being able to warp away.
Note that doing this will prevent transforming later when you come back for Cat Minigame. To fix this you will need to exit and reenter the area normally via the loading zone.

─────── Misc. ───────

Ending Blow jump over Gate

Using a Kargorok and a very precise Ending Blow, Link will jump over the gate, allowing you to bypass the gate and the King Bulblin 1 trigger.

LJA to 100 Rupee Chest

With a few easy LJAs, you can skip needing the statue to get to the 100 Rupee chest.

Enter Zora Cave early

Discovered by LogitechSDAZ

It is possible to enter the secret Zora cave behind Kakariko Graveyard early while the rock is still there by using LJAs. This can be used to get to Lake Hylia early or to get to Prince Ralis without the Zora Armor cutscene.

Cliff Rock Heart Piece Without Cutscene

Discovered By SVA16120

It is possible to boomerang the heart piece from behind the rocks without blowing them up, this is faster because you don't have to watch the cutscene once they are blown up. Furthermore this heart piece is now also obtainable without bombarrows. To do this stand as shown in the video and target once on the rock and then by the archway. This can seem picky if you don't always stand in the same spot.

Silver Rupee without bombs

Discovered by Taka

Using Storage, you can climb the Sanctuary and hit the bell with Links sword to make the silver rupee drop. Due to needing map glitch though, this generally isn't preferred

Transformation spot in Barnes shop

Early Elevator Access (GameCube Only)

Discovered by LogitechSDAZ, Erodyne

After using the Goron to get on the second level of the mountain, head over to the left, and stand at a slight angle to the wall with your right foot on the rocky outjut. Roll and right after you clip through the wall, jumpslash to land on invisible ground. Walk over to the ledge of the invisible ground and face towards the elevator room. Pull out the Gale Boomerang and long jump to the elevator room. This is used in All Dungeons and 100% which saves 15 seconds

Early Elevator Access as Wolf

Discovered by Dragonbane & Taka

By getting out of sight from the Goron, you can transform while out of bounds. From here, you can align and do a dash jump to land in elevator room. Useful for Wii, or any category that cannot boomerang LJA

LJA behind Elder room Loading Zone

Stand right before the exit and do an LJA to get behind the loading zone. It is 2s faster to void out rather than exit and entering the area.

Jump Attack method (Wii alternative)

This can also be done on Wii with a precise running Jump Attack, or Sidehop

LJA exiting Mountain Crater

Faster by 2 - 3 seconds to LJA across the pit instead of going down the normal way.

Epona OoB to Castle Town

Use Map Glitch, then ride Epona OoB behind the load zone to Kakariko. Ride Epona above the void floor spot shown in the video to lose a little height, then quickly turn left to avoid falling too far down. Ride Epona back to the sloped ground and leave her underground to where you can remount her from above. Backflip back in bounds, then savewarp or warp away to disable Map Glitch. Get back on Epona, and ride her behind the Castle Town loading zone. Back her up slowly behind it until you can backflip down into the load zone (Note: Riding into the Castle Town loading zone with Epona will cause the game to crash. Be careful when setting her up)

Epona OoB to Hidden Village

Similar as above, use Map Glitch to setup Epona OoB underground outside Kakariko. After disabling Map Glitch, ride Epona around the void floor to the Hidden Village tunnel. Backflip off Epona to get inside

Map Glitch to Lanayru Trigger (Old)

Discovered by Dragonbane

In the old 100% fixed EMS route, you had to get the Eldin bridge portal and hence is faster to enter the normal way. Although this saves barely any time it looks cool. After getting the portal enable map glitch (you can unplug during the CS of beating them) and roll 8/9 times towards the point of the bridge sticking out in the video, stand of the left part of that point and aim at the line of twilight or slightly to the right of it, throw the boomerang and LJA instantly (as soon as the sword is being pulled out) and then wait. If you aimed it correctly (there is leeway for this trick) you should be going across the bottom of the map at LJA speed towards lanayru, because map glitch doesn't disable CS triggers you can hit the trigger that extends infinitely down. It should be noted if you say no to Midna and go back you will hard crash the game because that area was never loaded.

Milk Dive to Lanayru Trigger

If you ride Epona off the ledge, you'll dive and void out, but if you use a bottle item to start a cutscene as you fall, you'll skip the void trigger and be able to ride around the void floor. From here you can ride towards the Lanayru Twilight trigger

LJAs to Top Floor

Two different ways to get to the top floor quickly.

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