Steal the Lent Bomb Bag


After performing EMS, it is impossible to enter and complete the Goron Mines without the spinner or Text Displacement, and buying a Bomb Bag from Barnes is only possible after beating Goron Mines. However, bombs are useful in speedruns and play a vital part in skipping the Zora Armor. Luckily, there is a way to obtain bombs from a different source.

How to

As wolf

Discovered by Percy, setups by bewildebeest

To begin the fight as wolf:

  1. Talk to Iza
  2. Climb high enough on the stairs that Link climbs instead of stepping up
  3. Position Link's left foot roughly halfway between the third and fourth steps (not extremely precise)
  4. Sidehop left, then backwalk to the sign (exact amount of backwalking not precise)
  5. Go behind the sign and transform to wolf

After MDH, Midna is on Link's back, so the fight can be completed with charge attacks as usual. To complete the fight before MDH (without Midna charge attacks):

  1. Spin attack the nearby messenger twice to kill it
  2. Approach the other two messengers and hit both with one neutral B attack
  3. Hit both with a spin attack (can be done immediately after previous attack)
  4. With the two remaining messengers near each other, B attack one messenger to kill it, making sure not to hit the other one (a neutral targeted B attack often works well)
  5. Immediately target the one remaining messenger and mash A to latch onto it and bite to kill it

Alternative ending that does not require the two messengers to be near each other at step 4 after the spin attack (slower, shown in video):

  1. Same as above
  2. Same as above
  3. Same as above
  4. Press A once to latch onto one messenger and automatically launch off (can be done immediately after previous attack; pressing A more than once to bite will kill the messenger)
  5. After landing, hesitate very briefly, then neutral B attack the messenger that wasn't A-attacked to kill it
  6. Immediately target the remaining messenger and mash A to latch onto it and kill it

When Iza invites Link inside, agree to help her, close the item wheel, and simply warp away freely.

Duplicating the lent bomb bag

Discovered by Dragonbane0

With this method, it is also possible to steal a second bomb bag from Iza, and this second bag does not disappear like the first one does (see Additional Notes below):

  1. When warping away, choose to warp back to Upper Zora's River (can also return to Upper Zora's River later by warping or on foot so long as the lent bomb bag is still in the inventory)
  2. Iza will automatically bring Link back inside after the warp
  3. After agreeing to help Iza again, the item wheel will contain an empty bomb bag and a black rupee icon
  4. Close the item wheel and (optional) talk to Iza again to get her to fill the bomb bag with 30 normal bombs
  5. Warp elsewhere

This bomb bag will remain in the inventory permanently, but after reaching a save prompt, its contents will revert to the contents of the first stolen bomb bag at the time the second one was acquired, which is 30 normal bombs by default.

Map warping method (GCN only)

Discovered by jeez
  1. Complete Lanayru Twilight
  2. Go to Upper Zora's River and open the portal by Iza's house
  3. Decline to help Iza
  4. Once the "Talk" prompt reappears on the A button, press A and D-Right/D-Left to open the map on the same frame
  5. This time, agree to help Iza*
  6. After Iza's dialogue ends, the map will open; press Z to enable portals, and choose to warp somewhere
  7. Close the item wheel after it automatically opens and Link will warp away

*Be careful if mashing to close Iza's final textbox, as pressing A or B 6 frames after the A or B press that closes the text box will delay the map pull with UMD and prevent the warp from being possible.

Ooccoo method

Discovered by Kazooie
  1. Complete Lanayru Twilight.
  2. Obtain Ooccoo from any dungeon and warp out.
    • This is usually done with Early Lakebed but any Ooccoo can be used
  3. Go to Upper Zora's River and open the portal by Iza's house
  4. Agree to help Iza and receive the Lent Bomb Bag
  5. Use Ooccoo Jr. to warp back into Lakebed Temple (or its respective dungeon), and the bomb bag will remain in the inventory

Map Warp Delay method

Discovered by Wolf in Water

Originally discovered as an alternative method for the Wii version, where the GCN-style (Dialogue button + map button) does not work as the inputs do not register together.

  1. Complete Lanayru Twilight; open the UZR portal
  2. Decline to help Iza
  3. Equip an item that will play a short cutscene when used. This can be a bottle filled with something or a memo/sketch.
  4. Wait for the "Talk" prompt to reappear.
  5. Press 1 (Wii) or D-Right/D-Left (GCN) and the item's button on the same frame.
    • If done correctly, the Map Screen sound effect will play, but the animation will prevent the map from opening.
    • If the map comes up visually instead, then just retry.
  6. Just as the animation finishes, press A to talk to Iza (not precise)
  7. This time, agree to help Iza
  8. After Iza's dialogue ends, the map will open; enable portals, and choose any warp destination
  9. Close the item wheel after it automatically opens (will have lent bag) and Link will warp away

Note: this is very similar to a method for map glitch.

Additional Notes

  • The Lent Bomb Bag will disappear from the inventory if a save prompt screen is reached, either by selecting "Save" on the pause screen or entering the warp at the end of a dungeon, regardless of whether the game is saved. Because of this, routes that steal the Lent Bomb Bag usually use it to get the Bomb Bag from the goron in Zora's Domain, either with NorGor or by emptying the bag, filling it with water bombs in Lakebed Temple, and using a water bomb to blow up the Goron's rock.
  • Game Over will also cause the Lent Bomb Bag to disappear.

Additional Effects

Receiving the Bow in BiT Inventory

Discovered by LogitechSDAZ

Stealing the bomb bag from Iza to obtain the bombs, makes it possible to load the bow into the inventory of the "dummy" game file created by performing the BiT glitch. Once the bomb bag is stolen and BiT is performed, dying off the Eldin Bridge and respawning in the King Bulblin battle will result in the bow being in the inventory. It is currently unknown why this happens. For additional information on getting the bow and even the bombs in the BiT inventory, click here.

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