Steal the Lent Bomb Bag


After preforming EMS, it is impossible to enter and complete the Goron Mines without the aid of the Spinner, and as a result you also will not be able to purchase the bombs from Barnes. However, the bombs are still needed in many cases in the rest of the game, and play a vital part in Skipping the Zora Armor. Luckily, there is a way to still obtain the bombs from a different source using the Ooccoo from Lakebed Temple.

How To:

Stealing the Lent Bomb Bag from Iza

Discovered by Kazooie
  1. Enter Lanayru Province Early
  2. Before unblocking the ice at Zora's Domain use a method to enter Lakebed Temple early
  3. Obtain Ooccoo inside Lakebed Temple, warp out, and complete the Twilight.
  4. Go to Upper Zora's River and defeat the Twilit Messangers by Iza's house.
  5. Iza will then invite you in and ask you to help her. Agree, and you will obtain the Lent Bomb Bag.
  6. Simply use Ooccoo Jr. to warp back into Lakebed Temple, and the bomb bag will remain in your inventory.

Additional Effects

Receiving the Bow in BiT Inventory

Discovered by LogitechSDAZ

If you steal the bomb bag from Iza in order to obtain the bombs, it becomes possible to load the bow into the inventory of the "dummy" game file created by preforming the BiT glitch. Once the bomb bag is stolen and BiT is preformed, dying of the Eldin Bridge and respawning in the King Bulblin battle will result in the bow being in your inventory. It is currently unknown why this happens. For additional information on getting the bow, and even the bombs in your BiT inventory, click here.

Additional Notes

  • After you have obtained the bombs, instead of having to use clever jumps, to skip any remaining stalactites (mainly only an issue encountered on the Wii Version), you can simply pull out a bomb, and use the Gale Boomerang to use it to knock them down.
  • As water bombs are much more useful, as well as at times required, in Lakebed Temple, it will be essential to empty your bomb bag. Click here for a fast method of doing this.
Last updated 01/30/2018 – Taka