Unsinking Boots

Discovered by piner and ChrisIsAwesome independently

Normally, when targeting and holding out the clawshot on the surface of water, there are no frames on which it's possible to put on the iron boots after shooting the clawshot. But after sideswimming to clip partially into a slope, it is possible to put the boots on by pressing the button on the first frame that the clawshot button is released. This puts on the boots without a sound effect while the clawshot is moving away from Link. From here, swimming into open water in such a way that Link doesn't pop up and stand on the slope lets him float on top of the water with the iron boots on but without sinking. Swimming speed is greatly reduced, but currents don't affect speed, so Link can swim up the waterfall in Lake Hylia. This effect lasts until the boots are removed or Link stands on something.

Last updated 04/02/2024 – bewildebeest