Gorge Skip


Gorge Skip gets Link to the Kakariko side of the Kakariko Gorge without warping the bridge from N. Faron. This is useful because warping the bridge involves long cutscenes and requires beating Forest Temple and clearing Faron Twilight, both of which can otherwise be skipped in any%. Gorge Skip is done by getting over the fence to the left of the warp portal, navigating around to the cliff, and then using an LJA to get over the gorge. There are a few different methods to get over the fence.

Gorge Void

Discovered by Magnum66

After defeating the Kakariko Gorge twilight messengers, there is a single frame before Midna forces Link to warp to Faron. On this frame, jump attack into the gorge to make Link respawn at the area's entrance, which is outside Midna's text trigger. This makes it possible to perform Gorge Skip and get to Kakariko Village without backtracking from Faron.

The input frame is when the circular part of the portal is at the top of the rendering. There are many different visual cues that can be used to time inputting the jump attack on this frame.


Gorge Void as human

It is slower but can be more consistent to attempt Gorge Void as human. To do this, transform human before killing the final shadow beasts, and have the iron boots equipped on X or Y. Hold L and mash or time A and X/Y inputs to try to get Link to either jump attack or put on the iron boots on the Gorge Void frame. Immediately after the frame has passed, press start to pause. If the pause screen comes up, then one of the buttons was pressed on the Gorge Void frame: - If Link is making his jump attack sound, then the A press was successful. Unpause and void. - If Link is not making his jump attack sound, then the iron boots equip was successful. Savewarp instead of voiding. This costs around 23s but is faster than failing Gorge Void.

Bottle Warp Cancel

It is also possible to avoid the forced warp to Faron with a frame perfect bottle press after selecting the warp point. The drinking animation cancels the warp, gives Link the ability to map warp as normally acquired from this Midna text, and enables Map Glitch, meaning that a savewarp is necessary to progress.

Rupee Roll

Discovered by Dragonbane

This is the fastest method of Gorge Skip. It requires not having seen the yellow rupee text box (or blue rupee text box for the backup) already within the current play session.

  1. Dig up the guaranteed yellow rupee from the dig spot while facing away from the fence so that the rupee doesn't spawn behind the tree
  2. Dash to the fence, transform human, and stand on the white spot (see video)
  3. Target the fence behind the rupee, then as high as possible over the fence near Link, then release the boomerang
  4. LJA when the boomerang is over the fence near Link, and press L after initiating the LJA
  5. After the rupee text box, hold left and mash A to roll
  6. During the roll, move the analog stick from left to down so that Link ends up facing the other side of the fence, where he can land on or grab the ledge

If failed, Rupee Roll can also be done with a backup rupee in another dig spot nearby. This rupee's color is determined by RNG, meaning it may not always be usable.

  • If no usable rupees are available and the yellow rupee text box has already been seen, savewarp before attempting the trick again to restore the rupee text box
  • If no usable rupees are available and the guaranteed yellow rupee despawned without being collected, void to attempt the trick again

Alternative method

Setup by Dragonbane

This method replaces aiming precision with timing precision.

  1. Hug the tree on the left side approaching the dig spot
  2. Dig out the rupee, snapping Link's position to the dig spot
  3. Mash Z to transform as soon as possible and backhop 3 times
  4. Pull out boomerang and target once, then sidehop right while still holding boomerang
  5. Turn full left, making a target right after start turning (not precise)
  6. Target the outer end of the mountain and then somewhere left of the tree (tree target not precise)
  7. JLJA when the boomerang is between the two final targets (3-frame window)

Rupee Roll tutorial

by Skyreon

This video explains how the roll on top of the fence works.

LJA over the gorge

  1. Once over the fence, walk or roll around the edge and stand next to the fence post shown in the video
  2. Enter first person and look left until the next fence post is on screen (this angle is lenient and can also be found without entering first person)
  3. Sidehop right twice in a row
  4. While still holding L, move right Link is near where the fence meets the edge of the cliff
  5. Sidehop right, hesitate while still shifting right, then sidehop right again
  6. Slash the fence to move towards the edge
  7. Aim slightly left of the fence post shown in the video, then aim higher and throw
  8. LJA when the boomerang's position makes Link face the corner of the fence across the gorge that is closest

LJA over the gorge tutorial

by Skyreon

This video explains how to make it across the gorge, right after Rupee Roll. The sidehops along the fence and the LJA across the gorge are covered.

Backup for not clearing the fence

tutorial by Skyreon

If Link lands on the other side of the gorge but not past the fence, proceed as shown in this video.

Epona bomb boost method

Setup by VivaLaGaming360

It is possible to bomb boost over the fence using Epona. Line up next to the fence with a slight angle facing towards it, pull out a bomb, and hold forward during the 6th flash. LJA across the gorge as described above (skipping the sidehop portion of the setup).

Epona backhop method

Discovered by Taka

It is possible to get over the fence without explosives or Rupee Roll. Line Epona up next to the fence with a slight angle away from it, then tap back on the control stick to make Epona rear up. When Link starts to rise up, backhop off (R + A) and press B to jump attack immediately after. Link should slide on the fence and land on the ledge. LJA across the gorge as described above (skipping the sidehop portion of the setup).

Epona Slide

It is possible to Epona Slide over the gorge without the bridge being present. This is commonly used during the wagon escort.

  1. Approach the missing bridge area of the gorge at maximum speed on Epona
  2. Just before Epona reaches the gorge, begin an Epona Slide (if begun nearly as late as possible, Epona will also clear the gorge entirely, making it possible to remount her afterward)
  3. Hold forward on the control stick during the dismount animation to make Link jump afterward and reach the other side

Fail cases:

  • If the Epona Slide begins after Epona has already reached the gorge, then Link will fall instead of jumping after the dismount
  • If the Epona Slide begins too early or when Epona is not at full speed, Link may not reach the other side with the jump
  • If the Epona Slide is unsuccessful and Link does not begin to dismount, Epona and Link will plummet in to the gorge and will respawn at the last spawn point
  • If the Epona Slide is unsuccessful and Link backflips off of Epona, leaving her levitating over the gorge, roll to the nearby horsegrass (back towards South Hyrule Field) and call Epona to try again

"Zombie Hover"

Discovered by Rachel

This method is the slowest but can be done using only the boomerang.

  1. Line up with the broken fence post, sidehop to the left, and backflip
  2. Aim at the broken post, aim up as high as possible, and let the boomerang go
  3. LJA as soon as possible and start mashing B during the LJA (only strictly necessary to mash B after reaching the fence)
  4. Once on the fence, continue mashing B to make Link slowly jump attack up the fence

Once you past the post, Link should fall over the fence at some point. Stop mashing once Link starts to fall over or else Link will jump attack down to the shadow beast area.

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