Early Lanayru Province

Discovered by Peteyboo


Obtaining the Master Sword early has the strange effect of making it impossible to enter Goron Mines after Forest Temple. However, accessing the Lanayru Province early and using one of the known techniques to enter Lakebed early to obtain the last Fused Shadow skips Goron Mines entirely. Lanayru can be accessed much earlier than intended by entering the province from its south point by clipping through the gate blocking the path.

Lanayru Gate Clip as wolf

Discovered by RachelB, sidehop method by Arbiter Anomalies

By sidehopping or dashing, Wolf Link can clip through the center of the gate while it is swinging. The sidehop method is the standard, as the dash method is considered TAS-only.

There are two bulblins guarding the gate that should be dealt with before attempting the trick. Runners usually use a spin attack to knock them to the ground, then perform the skip before the bulblins get the chance to retaliate. Alternatively, one could kill the bulblins as wolf by doing two B-attacks (without dash speed) followed by a quickspin or as human (as some categories approach this gate on Epona) with a quickspin.

Once the bulblins are subdued, position Link slightly to the left of the center of the gate with an angle slightly right of parallel and hold target. Hold control stick left and press B to hit the gate and set it in motion. The gate will sway about four times before coming to a stop. Link can sidehop through the gate at any point during this animation, which lasts long enough for four sidehop attempts. The chance of success is not affected by how vigorously the gate is swinging, so prepare to input all four sidehops. Link should clip through within a couple of sidehops if the angle was good.

Video tutorial by Skyreon


A common mistake is to input control stick left too early. Make sure that target is properly held before moving the control stick; otherwise, the intended left sidehop will turn into a left jump attack. Another common mistake is to set an angle that is too perpendicular to the gate. Note that if a retry is necessary it's a good idea to backwalk before bonking the gate again; otherwise, Link will sidehop forward past the center of the gate.

TAS method

The original method of Eponaless Lanayru Gate Clip was to bonk into the gate then dash through on the correct frame. This is extremely difficult to pull off RTA: Not only is it frame perfect, but the working frame can vary, and sometimes it isn't possible due to the RNG of the gate swinging.

Lanayru Gate Clip with Epona

This method is obsoleted by the wolf method above but was the original method used in speedruns for many years.

  1. Get on Epona and ride over to the western gate (GCN) which leads to Lake Hylia and the Lanaryu province
  2. Align Epona at a slight acute angle with the gate (the less space between Epona and the gate, the easier it is to clip)
  3. Sidehop into the acute angle and roll into the gate
  4. If Epona is aligned properly, Link should either immediately roll through the gate or crash into the gate, and as he stands back up, get pushed through the gate by Epona
  5. Proceed into the province and the cutscene will eventually warp Link to the Great Bridge of Hylia

Consistent Lanayru Gate Clip with Epona setup

Discovered by Skyreon
  1. After killing the two bulblins, get in the corner on the right
  2. Walk back until just past the center of the gate
  3. Quickly align the map with the blood on the gate (edge of Eldin Bridge should be right next to the blood) - Note: This must be up quickly before Epona goes into the idle animation
  4. Backhop off Epona and go right into the right corner of the gate until Link won't move anymore
  5. Enter first person and turn left until the camera moves and looks zoomed in
  6. Sidehop left twice, hold L, and keep rolling; Link will usually clip through after 1-3 rolls if the setup was good


  • Entering Lanayru without having performed the Early Master Sword glitch, makes it impossible to transform wolf to kill the bugs, this making it impossible to complete the twilight and beat the game.
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