Early Lanayru Province

Discovered by Peteyboo


Obtaining the Master Sword Early has the strange effect of leaving you unable to enter the Goron Mines after the Forest Temple. However, accessing the Lanayru Province early and using one of the known techniques to enter Lakebed early to obtain the last fused shadow allows you to skip the Goron Mines entirely.

Eponaless Lanayru Gate Clip

Discovered by Rachel Bryk, Sidehop Method By Arbiter Anomalies

By bonking the gate with either a B-Attack or a Jump Attack and then sidehopping into the gate as wolf it is easy to clip through after a few tries. A B-Attack is recommended over a jump attack, to execute this trick have a slight angle away from the gate as shown in the video so when you hold left while targetting you get the action commend to "Jump" which is sidehop, if you jump attack when holding left then you are having got a big enough angle away from the gate. Once you have the angle, hold target and left then press B to B-Attack the gate, after this start mashing A while holding left to sidehop, which a small amount of luck you should clip through. In a run you would either ignore the bokoblins by dashing past them and quickly targetting of kill them with B-Attacks and a spin.

The Original method of Eponaless Lanayru Gate Clip was to bonk into the gate then dash through on the correct frame. This is insanely hard to pull off RTA as it is frame perfect, the frame can vary every time and sometimes might not be possible due to the RNG of the gate swinging.

Clipping Through the Lanayru Gate

  1. Get on Epona and ride over to the Western gate (GCN) which leads to Lake Hylia and the Lanaryu Province.
  2. Align Epona at a slight acute angle with the gate (the less space between Epona and the gate, the more likely you are to clip).
  3. Sidehop into the acute angle and roll into the gate.
  4. If you setup Epona's alignment properly you should either:

    • Immediately roll through the gate.
    • Crash into the gate, and as you stand back up, get pushed through the gate by Epona.

After voyaging part-way into the province, you will be warped to the Great Bridge of Hylia, by the Twilight Bulblin cutscene.

Consistent Lanayru Gate Clip Setup

Discovered by Skyreon
  1. After killing the two bublins, get in the corner on the right.
  2. Walk back until just past the center of the gate.
  3. Quickly align the map with the blood on the gate (Edge of Eldin Bridge should be right next to the blood) - Note: You must set this up quickly before Epona goes into the idle animation.
  4. Backhop off Epona and go right into the right corner of the gate until you won't move anymore.
  5. C-Up and turn left until the camera moves and looks zoomed in.
  6. Sidehop left twice, hold L und keep rolling. Usually you will clip through after 1 - 3 rolls if the setup was good.


  • If you have not preformed the Early Master Sword glitch, you will not be able to complete the twilight (since you can't turn into a wolf to kill the bugs), and will therefore be unable to finish the game.
Last updated 01/30/2018 – Taka