Any% Video Tutorial

This series of Any% video tutorials was done by Skyreon.
Note that a few of the newest glitches and skip are not included, most importantly Poe 1 Skip in Arbiter's Grounds and Early Boss Key in City in the Sky.

Video 1: Early Game - S&S Skip

Video 2: Faron Twilight - Map Warp after Gorge Void

Video 3: Lanayru Gate Clip - Lanayru Twilight (End)

Video 4: Steal Bombs - Arbiter's Grounds (Start)

Video 5: Arbiter's Grounds (no Poe Skip) - CitS Aeralfos Skip (no Early Boss Key)

Video 6: City in the Sky second Half (without Early Boss Key) - Hyrule Castle (Start)

Video 7: Hyrule Castle - Ganondorf

Last updated 02/21/2016 – TreZc0_