Cutscene Dropping

Trick Description

Cutscene Dropping allows you to drop items that are moving or caught in the boomerang at a specific spot without updating their state by using a cutscene (Bottle, Story Item, etc) at a certain time.

How To

Boomerang Method

  1. Throw the Boomerang at any object that can be picked up in it
  2. At a desired time, start a cutscene (Bottle, Story Item, Ooccoo, etc)
  3. The Boomerang will return back to you but the item caught by it will stay at the spot it was in when you started the cutscene


Boomerang Cancel

Goron Bomb Bag with Normal Bombs

Using the Normal Bombs Underwater glitch and starting a cutscene at the same time, it's possible to sink a normal bomb low enough to blow up the rock with the Goron in it.

Last updated 01/19/2019 – Taka