3D Remake Zelda Remake Race - June 4th 2022

Hello there friends! We're happy to finally announce the next 3D Remake Zelda Relay Race on June 4th, of course on ZSR!

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ZSRMarathon 2021 Recap - Most successful ZSR event of all time

After a very demanding, but also incredibly fulfulling weekend, ZSRMarathon 2021 has come to a close. Over 76 hours (!) of Zelda content, with one amazing outcome. Thanks to our community, we managed to gather $11,010 for the PancOne Network - making this the MOST SUCCESSFUL ZSR EVENT of all time. The entire team couldn't be prouder or happier than we are right now.

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ZSR Marathon 2021 - Game list

Hello everyone. Thank you for your patience. After long consideration, the ZSRM game list is finally live. The longest ZSRM ever is upon us, with a runtime of 72 hours!

Quick reminder, here are the facts:

Date: October 22 - 25 (72 hours+)

Starting Time: ~3PM UTC

Charity: PancOne Network

Stream: ZeldaSpeedRuns

As much as we tried and wanted to, it simply wasn't possible to fit in all of your outstanding submissions, and sadly, it was not even close. While we will miss every single run that did not make the cut, we hope that all of you will still enjoy the ensemble we put together.
Without further ado, go check out the list now:

ZSRM21 game list

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ZSRMarathon 2021 benefitting PancOne Network - Oct 22 - 24!

Dear Speedrunning, Randomizer, Bingo, Challenge Run enthusiasts all over the planet: ZeldaSpeedRuns is thrilled to announce the latest installment of our charity marathon series - we're FINALLY back with the ZSRMarathon 2021.

This year, we want to bring our community together from the most classic Zelda experience all the way to the funkiest side game classics one can imagine to join forces for an amazing cause: To gather funds for the PancOne Network, an initiative by Pancreatic Cancer Canada to create a network of scientists and medics to fight pancreatic cancer the best way possible.

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3D Relay Race - Selected Runners

Hey everybody, thank you so much for 40 signups to this year's 3D Zelda Relay Race. Sadly, we only can pick 24, and we hope this won't discourage you from continuing to play and improve.
Anyways, check out the relay race page to see who made it into one of the 4 prestigious relay teams!

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3D Zelda Relay Race 2021 (March 27)

Hey everybody! BIG NEWS! We're thrilled to announce the next 3D Zelda Relay Race, live March 27th on ZSR!

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ZSR is looking for Restreamers!

Hello everyone! In preparation for future tournaments, ongoing events, and for coverage of all the speedrunning stuff we broadcast on ZSR, we are looking for new restreamers.

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TWW Randomizer Spoiler Log Tournament - $1000 Prizepool!

Welcome back to TWW Randomizer on ZSR! Thanks to an incredibly generous sponsoring by @wooferzfg, we will host a Spoiler Log Tournament for the popular The Wind Waker Randomizer with a $1000$ prize pool!

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Return of the OoT Championship Series!

Hello everyone! Yes, you read correctly - OCS IS BACK BABY!

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OoT Randomizer - Standard Tournament Season 3

Welcome to OoTR, welcome to the Standard Tournament Season 3.

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