ZSR Marathon 2021 - Game list

Hello everyone. Thank you for your patience. After long consideration, the ZSRM game list is finally live. The longest ZSRM ever is upon us, with a runtime of 72 hours!

Quick reminder, here are the facts:

Date: October 22 - 25 (72 hours+)

Starting Time: ~3PM UTC

Charity: PancOne Network

Stream: ZeldaSpeedRuns

As much as we tried and wanted to, it simply wasn't possible to fit in all of your outstanding submissions, and sadly, it was not even close. While we will miss every single run that did not make the cut, we hope that all of you will still enjoy the ensemble we put together.
Without further ado, go check out the list now:

ZSRM21 game list

Any runs under Selected runs have made the cut and will be part of the marathon!.
Runs under Backup could be swapped in in case a runner from a main schedule run is sadly not available. We will try to inform the backup runners of a potential request to jump in as early as possible, hopefully at least 1 week before the marathon.

Bonus runs as listed by the game list have a good chance of making it into the marathon - they will be made a part of incentives and donation goals during the event.

The schedule will be released on Oct 9th!

Again, from all of us here - thank you so much for your submissions. We enjoyed reading and imagining all of them dearly, and we hope that not being picked will not discourage you to run and create amazing content in the future.
We'll be back in 2022, that's a promise!