ZSR is looking for Restreamers!

Hello everyone! In preparation for future tournaments, ongoing events, and for coverage of all the speedrunning stuff we broadcast on ZSR, we are looking for new restreamers.

We're a very fun group of folks that enjoys bringing you coverage of all kinds of events, always enjoy having a good laugh, and are able to work with the most amazing people.

Right now, we're especially looking for folks from West Coast and Central NA, but every application is very much appreciated and welcome. Note that we have a full fledged remote setup right now, so in 99% of cases, you will not be required to use your private PC for restreaming, besides using Discord for communication and intro / outro / hosting duties.

As part of the restreaming process, you are in charge of

  • Managing Volunteer applications and picking volunteers for the race in the different racing / tournament discords
  • Opening the race room and informing the runners ahead of the race (unless provided by the community itself)
  • Set up our custom NodeCG Dashboard with the run information, preparing the restream (you will receive indepth training and not be left alone for your first few restreams - also, whenever there's an issue, someone will be around to help you)
  • Provide an introduction for the restream as it's time to start, be avaiable for questions and tech support during the race, handle interviews and outro after the race

From my personal experience, it's very fun to work with all the communities, and over time, we all met amazing people and enjoyed the time together, even if restreaming is not always relaxed and/or easy. We couldn't provide all this without you, and we're insanely thankful for everyone willing to take the responsibility.

If you're interested, please sign up now: Signup Form