TWW Randomizer Spoiler Log Tournament - $1000 Prizepool!

Welcome back to TWW Randomizer on ZSR! Thanks to an incredibly generous sponsoring by @wooferzfg, we will host a Spoiler Log Tournament for the popular The Wind Waker Randomizer with a $1000$ prize pool!

Spoiler Log Races, unlike a regular randomizer race in which runners do not know where items are, have no hidden information. Runners have access to the spoiler log during the race, which shows which chest contains each item. Based on the spoiler log, runners have to create a route and complete the game as quickly as possible. This makes these races a lot more skill-based and routing based, similar to Bingo races.

Registration for the tournament is now open, so if you want to participate, head over to the Challonge signup page.

Registration closes in 4 weeks, on October 12th.

To determine seeding, there will be seeding races in the week after signups close (Oct 17 - 20), in which runners earn points based on their time compared to their opponents. The tournament itself will then start on October 24th.

More details about seeding, tournament format, rules, and so on will be released by the end of the month.

We're hyped! Are you? Thank you again to woofer for this amazing donation, bringing competitive TWW Rando Racing to the next level!

Make sure to get your signup in and...HAPPY RANDO!