3D Zelda Relay Race 2021 (March 27)

Hey everybody! BIG NEWS! We're thrilled to announce the next 3D Zelda Relay Race, live March 27th on ZSR!

After two long years of waiting, we're finally back, and we're back for a good cause.
The race and its restream will be hosted benefitting Cure Rare Disease, a charity organization working on individualized therapeutics for people with rare diseases.

As always, we are shooting for a race of 4 teams with open signups. The 4 teams will be created based on the available players in order to create a good balance. In the race, the 4 teams will play through the games in order, changing games the second the previous teammate has finished their run according to official category rules.

If you actively run one of the selected games, you will find more infos on how to signup below.
This time, and we are not planning for this to be the only relay of 2021, we are once again going for the classics, the 6 original 3D Zeldas for the home video game consoles

  • Ocarina of Time (Ganon Source Requirement)
  • Majora's Mask (All Dungeons Restricted)
  • The Wind Waker (Any%)
  • Twilight Princess (Any%)
  • Skyward Sword (Any%)
  • Breath of the Wild (Any%)

The race will take place March 27th, with the starting time still to be determined (around 10AM EDT).

if you are interested, head to the signup form over here! (Signups open until March 12th)

Feel free to apply for multiple games if you are capable of finishing a run. However, it should be noted that you should only apply for games that
  • you actively run or have run before,
  • you can definitely finish within or around your provided estimate,
  • you can provide a video of a run you have finished and submitted to the leaderboards for.

The selected racers will be announced on March 14th, so make sure to signup now!

For more information and questions, make sure to check in with us in the ZSR Discord.
We can't wait to see you in action!