ZSRMarathon 2021 Recap - Most successful ZSR event of all time

After a very demanding, but also incredibly fulfulling weekend, ZSRMarathon 2021 has come to a close. Over 76 hours (!) of Zelda content, with one amazing outcome. Thanks to our community, we managed to gather $11,010 for the PancOne Network - making this the MOST SUCCESSFUL ZSR EVENT of all time. The entire team couldn't be prouder or happier than we are right now.

What you all accomplished exceeded all our expectations, and we owe you, every single one of you, be it a viewer, commentator, tracker, or especially a runner at the event. Marathons, especially online out of all things, are hard, high risk, and looking back, it's almost scary how smooth everything went.

Thanks to generous donors, PancOne and BEN, and our very own team, we were able to offer quite a few prizes this event, and we're thrilled to be able to send them out to you all, should you be lucky enough to win one. As stated in our sweepstakes, we have to wait with the draw until the end of November - we'll get these out as soon as we can.

If you want to take a lock at the donations, bids, prizes, and everything else about the marathon, check out our donation tracker.

If you missed the marathon or even just a single run you are interested in - don't despair! All runs from ZSRM are already up on YouTube thanks to our very own amazing dragonbane0 - you can check out the playlist here. There will also be a rerun of the event on Twitch next week, split into multiple parts as our restream schedule allows for it - however you decide, you'll be able to get the experience first hand :)

Once again, thank you to you all. We love doing ZSRMarathons, no matter the crazy amount of work, commitment, anxiety and pressure they cause, and we'll continue to bring them to you as long as the community wants them. And, here's a promise: This time we will not wait for 4 full years!

To the best community of them all,