Four Swords - Any% DSi Solo

0:19:19 by golderzoa (1st place)

This run has been verified.

well retimed for exact final hit time 19:19.42 was not expecting to get anywhere today much less a sub 19:30 even better then i thought overall some areas were bad will be hard to beat though despite boss fights in areas being terrible. and one puzzle being the worse. i'm happy with anyone trying to beat this as i put a lots of time and effort. and hopefully i can finally move onto 100% soon once i fully do it casually on stream for this great accomplishment thanks to corgihero, LoZ_king, and Pidgezz for being interested in this run and putting effort in. we may not be as big as the minish cap speedrunners but hopefully the effort will be greatly appreciated on how much time i spend grinding any% got a time i feel i can move onto something else till it gets beaten or do 100% speedrun soon