Return of the OoT Championship Series!

Hello everyone! Yes, you read correctly - OCS IS BACK BABY!

It's been crazy 3 years since the Ocarina of Time Championship Series, short OCS, had its amazing second season. Since then, the speedrunning landscape has changed. Randomizers are on the rise, the speedrunning scene changed and focused on different aspects....but the fascination that is OCS is still out there, and with this, long awaited third season, the OoT Speedrunning Community is proud to bring it back to everyone.

For those that are unfamiliar, OCS is a weekly series of challenge races with the aim of focusing on players' routing and execution skills over obscure glitch knowledge. All skill levels were kept in mind during the creation of OCS 3 so that experience with the game is not a barrier to participating.

Partnered with ZSR, they will host their first set of challenges starting in November, with a new challenge coming out every sunday. No matter if you are a speedrunner, a rando main, or just joined and are still trying to find your place - this is an opportunity for the entire Zelda community to celebrate OoT - and we here at ZSR couldn't be prouder that we are allowed to be a part of it.

For further information, check out the OCS website, the OCS Discord,

and if you want to relive the hype that was the announcement, check out the announcement stream on Sloth's channel: VoD