3D Relay Race - Selected Runners

Hey everybody, thank you so much for 40 signups to this year's 3D Zelda Relay Race. Sadly, we only can pick 24, and we hope this won't discourage you from continuing to play and improve.
Anyways, check out the relay race page to see who made it into one of the 4 prestigious relay teams!

Relay Race Info Page

A little extra information:

We are still lacking a backup player for The Wind Waker and for Skyward Sword - if you play these games / categories and are somewhat close in skill to the players picked, please let us know.

Next up, all players are asked to join the ZSR Discord. You will receive a team specific role there.

After this, you and your team should try to find a team name that you all enjoy. THE TEAM NAME IS EVERYTHING!

For everyone who didn't get picked or who wasn't feeling ready to sign up - please consider applying for commentary! For each game, we are looking for a group of 2 -3 commentators. The signup sheet can be found below, selections will be announced by the end of next week:

Commentary Signup sheet

If you have any question, make sure to ask in the ZSR Discord.

We are looking forward to a great relay - see you soon.