Faster Fight

Discovered by TheEthernetBoyz
  1. At the start of the fight, quickly snipe Fyrus's forehead
  2. Grab either of the chains and try to walk directly away from Fyrus
  3. With the Master Sword, rollstab Fyrus's forehead. If fighting Fyrus with the Ordon Sword, do a jump attack + quickspin
  4. Grab either chain and pull it behind Fyrus, then drop it (put on the iron boots here or at the beginning of step 6)
  5. When Fyrus's right arm reaches the top of its animation, press R to grab the chain (10f window)
  6. Pull the chain away from Fyrus and it will fall as soon as its walking animation begins
  7. Repeat steps 3-6 once more; with the Master Sword, rollstabbing is faster than targeting and pressing A for the fancy finishing move on the final cycle

If you fail to grab the chain in step 5, shoot an arrow at Fyrus's forehead to stun it, then grab the right chain as shown below.

Faster Knockdown

Pulling Fyrus' right foot to knock him down is slightly faster than pulling his left foot after stunning him with an arrow.


All the pots around the boss room alternate between heart drops and arrow drops. It is possible to obtain these drops without losing any time between rollstabbing Fyrus and his forehead becoming vulnerable to another arrow shot. This is recommended in cases where arrow count or health will be important after finishing the dungeon.

Last updated 04/14/2024 – bewildebeest