Early Boss Fights

Back in Time and Back in Time Equipped are two ways to reach the King Bulblin 1 Fight, one of the ways to set EBF. A full description can be found here.

Wii Precautions

Normally pressing A or B while on the title screen with control of Link will crash Wii versions; as either A or B is required to pull up the title screen logo and A+B is required to advance to the save files screen, this poses an issue for performing BiTE on Wii versions. While you can pull the title screen logo with A or B prior to having control of Link without crashing, the A+B simultaneous press still requires avoiding the crash.

After savewarping in Faron:

  • Roll to Ordon
  • Reset (Note that Ordon must load)
  • Roll to Ordon
  • Void
  • Perform BiT

BiTE should not crash under these circumstances, even playing the Wii disc on a Wii console. If you fail to perform BiT, you may need to re-do the precautions.

It is possible to avoid having to perform precautions following a successful BiTE and save + reset in Kak (after KB1), thus allowing for re-BiTE to set EBF via KB1 immediately after. Perform in a run at your own risk of crashing (this saves about 25 seconds over BiT + Gameover to set EBF).

Note: The void in the above precautions is not strictly necessary to do playing the USA Wii 1.0 version on a USA Wii U running in Wii mode. It's not clear why this is the case (Wii U memory?) [Note by Habreno]

Old precautions:

Credit TreZc0_

By exiting the game entirely (return to Wii Menu) and reentering the game, then advancing through the title screen and menus to reenter the file quickly afterward, this crash is far less likely to occur (though it's still possible). Note that for this precaution to work you must get BiT first try, else you will have seen the title screen more than once which is what doing this precaution avoids.

New File with Bomb Arrows

Discovered by Razor7581

After performing Infinite Bomb Arrows, perform Back in Time. When you resume on the Bridge of Eldin, jump off to restore normal HUD, then savewarp. As with a normal BiT Save, you will respawn at the Faron Spring, but you will have a full bomb bag (30 bombs, 15 water bombs, or 10 bomblings), the bow, and a full quiver (30 arrows).


  • You must have three bomb bags in your inventory to transfer over bombs to the new BiT game file.
  • The bomb bag that gets transferred is not yet fully understood. For best results, have all three bags filled with the type of bomb you wish to transfer.
  • As you have bombs, arrows, and bombs arrows "early", it is also possible (with clever utilization of tricks), to get the Clawshot before entering the Forest Temple.

This video demonstrates the entire process after having unlocked Iza 2, with some loads/warps sped up for convenience.

New File with Bombs and Null Item

Discovered by Dragonbane0

It's also possible to bring back only Bombs by storing a null item in place of the Bow. After beating Lakebed and Midna's Desperate Hour, warp to Zora's Domain and descend to Upper Zora's River. Talk to Iza and Fight the Messengers as Wolf. After completing the fight, Iza's dialogue will be glitched, but she will still bring Link inside her hut.

This stores the bow and gives Link a lent bomb bag. Warping to Upper Zora's River will repeat the glitched dialogue and she will again bring Link inside her hut. This second time, the bow gets stored and also the real bow is replaced with a null item, and the lent bag becomes emptied. Warping UZR again repeats the process a third time; the null item gets stored and the lent bag is filled with 30 bombs and stored as well.

Performing Back in Time at this point will give Link the stored items on a Back in Time file; Link will have a permanent bomb bag with 30 bombs and a black rupee (null item, unequippable).

A video of part of this process can be seen below.

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