Phase 1

Immediately throw the Ball & Chain forwards, then roll once forwards as Blizzeta is knocked back. This will put Link closer to the far wall where Blizzeta will bounce. Aim and throw the Ball & Chain to continue to hit Blizzeta. It can be helpful to roll towards her once more on the cycle when she spawns mini-freezards.

Getting hit by Blizzeta costs 1 heart, and getting hit by a mini-freezard costs 1/4 heart.

Phase 2 1-cycle

This strategy involves taking 3/4 of a heart of damage. If on too low health, either find hearts left over from Phase 1, break icicles for hearts, or do not attempt this strategy.

  1. Dodge the 10 falling icicles, then stand next to and face a wall. Sword bonk, shield bash, or roll and bonk the wall to push Link slightly away from the wall.

  2. Wait for the icicles to gather and fall, knocking Link away from the wall and trapping him in the circle. Blizzeta will fall in the center of the circle while Link still has invincibility frames, allowing him to stand up.

  3. Position Link so that Blizzeta is roughly between him and the wall (there is time for 1 roll), then target and begin to twirl the Ball & Chain to hit Blizzeta once.

  4. After Blizzeta has been knocked back into the wall, release the Ball & Chain button to throw it and hit her a second time.

  5. Retract the Ball & Chain, then throw and hit her a third time to finish the fight. It can be helpful to aim slightly upward for this throw if Blizzeta is already rising.

Phase 2 timesaver

Throw the Ball & Chain upwards at the beginning of Phase 2 to destroy some of the icicles before they fall. They only form a circle after all of the icicles have fallen individually, which takes less time if there are fewer of them. This can make the remainder of the 1-cycle more difficult, as Link can get knocked far from Blizzeta when the icicles fall in an incomplete circle. This can be rectified by using a bomb arrow instead of the icicles to boost back and get invincibility.

It is possible, but very difficult, to destroy all the icicles before they rise up again to form a circle, skipping them dropping again completely. video

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