Super Jump

Discovered by SexyZora19

Trick Description

Targeting an enemy with a charge attack as a wolf will cause Link to shoot towards that enemy upon releasing the attack, even if it means crossing an large amount of distance. This can be used to reach ledges that are normally too far out of reach. One of the most prevalent applications of this trick is to access the Sacred Grove Early, but it is used in quite a few other sequence breaks as well.

How To

  1. Lure an enemy close to Link (using the Boomerang can be especially helpful in doing this to cross large gaps).
  2. Transform into wolf and target the enemy with a charge attack.
  3. Once you have a large amount of distance between Link, the enemy, and the obstacle you want to overcome, release the area attack. Link should jump over most barriers in his way and cross large gaps. When doing this with an enemy such as a keese, the player can simply wait for the enemy to move back towards its original position.
Last updated 04/02/2024 – bewildebeest