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Pickup Slide

Pickup Slide is a trick where Link will move extremely slowly while ignoring all collisions other than basic ground checking, and allows Link to travel through most walls as long as there is ground beneath them. Unfortunately because the speed of Link is so slow it can take hours of the game running to just get through a relatively thin gate or wall.

How To

To execute a Pickup Slide, Link is required to collect something that has the animation where Link turns around to show the player the item. You can achieve this by various methods such as rolling into a Rupee, picking up a Rupee with the Boomerang, or opening a chest. Depending on various factors not fully yet understood (see Notes below), Link may start very slowly sliding in a random direction, clipping any wall or object in his path. The slide will cancel as soon as you exit the text box.


The reason Pickup Slide works is due to the fact that during the animation of showing the player the item, Link sways back and forth slightly, however there appears to be a missing frame that would otherwise make the animation a perfect loop. Because of this missing frame, every cycle Link moves a miniscule amount in some direction.

There are no applicable usage for Pickup Slide in a speedrun due to the hours it can take to perform the trick, other than Low% to skip certain items. For example Pickup Slide can skip all four poes in Arbiter’s Grounds by bring a pot that contains a blue rupee over to the gate that separates the dungeon, and using the rupee text to skip through the gate. Another use is at the start of Scared Grove being able to clip through the wall that requires Wolf Link to howl at the stone for, you can bonk the tree in the centre of this room for a chance of a blue rupee to fall and use this for the Pickup Slide.


  • Depending on the area, Link's speed may vary, though will always stay at a minuscule amount or no slide at all.
  • It is currently unknown what factors are required for a slide, and what direction and speed Link will slide in.
Last updated 09/14/2018 – Taka