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Common Terms and Abbreviations

A list of common terms and abbreviations used within the TP speedrunning community.


FTForest Temple
GMGoron Mines
AGArbiter's Grounds
SPRSnowpeak Ruins
ToTTemple of Time
CitS / CityCity in the Sky
Palace / PoTPalace of Twilight
Hyrule / HCHyrule Castle
KakKakariko Village
DM / DMTDeath Mountain Trail
LHLake Hylia
UZRUpper Zora's River
CTCastle Town
HVHidden Village
CoOCave of Ordeals

Items / Collectables

Rang / GaleGale Boomerang
Claw / ClawsClawshot(s)
B&CBall & Chain
RodDominion Rod
HPHeart Piece
GBGolden Bug
HSHidden Skill
EBEnding Blow
GSGreat Spin
ZAZora Armor
MSMaster Sword


BiT / BiTEBack in Time (Equipped)
EMSEarly Master Sword
Gorge SlideEpona Slide over the Gorge
GVGorge Void
LJALong Jump Attack
PCPillar Clip
RRRupee Roll
SSS / S&S / S+SSword and Shield Skip

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