Moon Boots


Discovered by pokemongenius

If the player force unequips the Iron Boots or depleted Magic Armor within a 2-frame window after Link leaves the ground in an attack animation, Link will gain extra height. This can be useful in certain situations where only a slight amount of extra height is needed to make it to a ledge, and it can be combined with a bomb boost to gain even more height.

Moon Boots can be achieved with Jump Strike, Ending Blow, Backslice (Magic Armor only), and the jump attack. See Frame Data for details. [Note that MB frame 1 for a jump attack is available on Wii and TPHD without having Jump Strike, but it is only available on GCN if you have Jump Strike.]

Additionally, performing Moon Boots with an LJA will decrease the total distance traveled, as the LJA speed is capped from wearing Iron Boots before force unequipping.


Goron Mines Elder 1 Skip

Grove 2 Skip

Frame 1 & 2

Last updated 04/02/2024 – bewildebeest