Moon Boots


If you charge a Jump Strike while wearing Iron Boots, then force unequip Boots right as you leave the ground for the Jump Attack, Link will gain extra height during the Jump Attack. This can be useful in certain situations where only a slight amount of extra height is needed to make it to a ledge, or combined with a bomb boost.

Force unequipping Boots on the 1st frame of being airborne gives the most amount of extra height, while frame 2 gives less height but still more than a normal jump attack. (Frame Data)

This does not work without Jump Strike, as the first frame you can force unequip while airborne is later on compared to having Jump Strike, giving no extra benefit.

Additionally, performing Moon Boots with an LJA will decrease the total distance traveled, as the LJA speed is capped from wearing Iron Boots before force unequipping.


Goron Mines Elder 1 Skip

Grove 2 Skip

Last updated 11/03/2020 – Taka