GCN New Game+ All Fused Shadows (Portals)

Use the save file found here

Timing ends on saying "Yes" to leave last Fused Shadow's dungeon

Forest Temple

  • Start file 1
  • Warp to N. Faron
    • [Double Clawshots / Bomb Arrows]
  • Bomb-arrow Rocks and enter Forest Temple
  • Bomb-arrow cage, bokoblin, and walltulas
  • Clawshot up vines and enter main room
  • Clawshot up to east door
  • Bomb-arrow web
    • [Boomerang / Bomb Arrows]
  • Get boss key
  • Skip monkey bridge
  • Diababa with Bomb Arrows (2nd phase only)

Goron Mines

Lakebed Temple


No Small Key Skip in Goron Mines

Small Key Skip saves a significant amount of time, but is fairly precise. If not doing Small Key Skip, proceed as follows:

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