Cutscene Diving

Trick Description

Cutscene diving allows Link to reach the bottom of a body of water (such as Lake Hylia), without using the Zora Armor. In Any%, cutscene diving was once especially useful for entering Lakebed Temple without the Zora Armor (click here for more information).There are now easier methods to enter Lakebed Temple, making Cutscene Diving obsolete in speedruns.

How To

Item-Push Diving (Wii only)

Midna Dive
Discovered by Paraxade and FierceLinkMaster
  1. Pick up an object that Link will hold above his head (a box is common).
  2. Get close to a ledge.
  3. Pull out an item or interact with something that has a cutscene. This most often involves either:
    • Talking to Midna (i.e., Midna Diving), or
    • Using a bottle that contains something
  4. If Link is positioned properly with respect to the ledge, interacting with the item/person will cause Link to drop the object he was holding, which will then push him off of the ledge he was standing on, diving off of the item cutscene.

GameCube alternative - Interacting with an NPC

Discovered by LogitechSDAZ

Though the traditional item-push dive is impossible on the GameCube version, there is another way to use an item to push Link into a dive by interacting with an NPC's text.

  1. Pick up an object that Link holds above his head.
  2. Stand in front of an NPC with a ledge very close behind Link. (There are not many locations where you can do this.)
  3. Talk to the NPC, and Link will set down the object he was holding and be pushed off the ledge by it, diving off the NPC's textbox.

Because of the perfect circumstances and environment needed to perform this trick, it is seldom used in a speedrun even though it is easier to perform than a rupee dive.

Rupee Dive (all versions, difficult)

Discovered by LogitechSDAZ
  1. Find a rupee that has a value higher than 1 (you also must be sure that you have not activated that value rupee's textbox since you opened your file).
  2. Use the Boomerang, sometimes coupled with another object, to move the rupee to the very edge of a platform. Sometimes objects such as boxes can be put down by a rupee to move it very slightly.
  3. Now use either a jump attack or a spin attack to collect the rupee. If done correctly, Link will grab the rupee as he falls off of the ledge and will dive off of its textbox.

This method is much harder to do than the methods above and is never used on the Wii version as an alternative to the Midna Dive.

Rupee Dive with Jump Strike

Discovered by Dragonbane0

Perform the steps above to get a rupee near a body of water, but instead of trying to get right on the edge, simply Jump Strike over the rupee. If doing this using a rupee coming approaching with the Boomerang, time the Jump Strike to be partially charged when the rupee reaches Link. This works because Jump Strike delays the rupee cutscene until Link lands. Because Jump Strike is the 6th Hidden Skill, its uses are limited, but it is used in 100% to skip the darknut fight in Hyrule Castle.

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