Swim with Water Bombs

Discovered by LogitechSDAZ

Trick Description

In Twilight Princess, it's possible to swim underwater with a Water Bomb drawn. This leads to two interesting glitches: You can replenish your air meter without surfacing, and you can "rocket" to the surface of a body of water. Replenishing your air underwater makes it possible to beat Morpheel and Zant's "Morpheel" phase without ever obtaining the Zora Armor.

How To

Replenishing the Air Meter (All Versions)

  1. Equip the Iron Boots and sink to the bottom of a body of water
  2. Take out a Water Bomb and quickly open up the Item Select menu before Link holds the bomb over his head
  3. Assign an item over the Iron Boots button to force them to un-equip, then hold the joystick in any direction
  4. Leave the Item Select menu, and keep Link moving
  5. Link will now be swimming with Water Bombs. To replenish your air, simply drop the Water Bomb with A.

Rocket Link Glitch (All versions)

Performing the above trick by dropping the Water Bomb immediately, will cause Link to rise to the surface of whatever body of water he is in.


  • The Bomb must be dropped by pressing A, in order to replenish the air meter.
  • Once you pull the Water Bomb out, keep moving until you press A to drop the Bomb. Stopping will cause the bomb fall out of your hand without replenishing the air meter.
Last updated 10/02/2018 – Habreno