1 Cycle with Bomb

Discovered by sva

By pulling out a bomb at a relatively precise timing window, you can finish off Darkhammer with 1 Jump attack + Quickspin. The position of the bomb is not important.

One Hit Fight (Old 100%)

In The Old Fixed EMS 100% Route, you have mortal draw you can finish Darkhammer in one hit with mortal draw. Make sure you are standing to the right of his tail so Link will definitely hit him.

NOTE: There are others way to make him throw the ball & chain such as waiting for 3 swings then rolling into him and pass him also makes him throw the ball & chain

Single-Cycle Dark Hammer (100%)

Discovered by Fiercelinkmaster

After the Dark Hammer throws his Ball & Chain at you, use quickspins on his tail to quickly defeat him.

Bombarrow strat

Go around him like you normally do and shoot his tail twice with Bomb Arrows. Saves a little time in categories that have bomb arrows here.

Quick Grab Ball & Chain

There's 1 frame after defeating Darkhammer where you can press A to pickup the Ball & Chain. You'll immediately get it after the cutscene ends

Last updated 01/20/2019 – Taka