1-cycle with bomb

Discovered by sva

By pulling out a bomb so that it explodes while Darkhammer is vulnerable after throwing the Ball & Chain, one can kill Darkhammer with 1 jump attack + quickspin after the bomb explodes. The position of the bomb is not important. What's important is making sure that the tail is targetable when the bomb goes off (yellow or red arrow above tail).

One hit fight

Darkhammer will die if its tail is hit by Mortal Draw once. Stand to the right of the tail and far enough away that Mortal Draw will not miss or clank on the armor.

Note that there are multiple ways to make Darkhammer throw the Ball & Chain, such as rolling around it and waiting, waiting and then rolling up to it, and clawshotting the ceiling past it.

1-cycle without bombs

With clawshot

Discovered by Fiercelinkmaster

After Darkhammer throws the Ball & Chain, hit its tail 5 times with jump attack(s) and quickspin(s).

Without clawshot

Bomb arrow strat

After Darkhammer throws the Ball & Chain, shoot its tail twice with bomb arrows.

Quick Grab Ball & Chain

There's 1 frame between defeating Darkhammer and the cutscene beginning on which the player can press A to pick up the Ball & Chain and immediately get it after the cutscene ends.

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