Back in Time Equipped

Discovered by Mast3rlinkX

The Back In Time Equipped Glitch (BiTE) is a trick that allows you to warp to the first King Bulblin Fight like the Back in Time Glitch, but allows you to use the items obtained from another save file.

How To

  1. Activate the Back in Time Glitch on any game file (the previous game data is dumped).
  2. When you respawn on the title screen map, press any button to bring up the title icon. This may crash the game (even when taking precautions) on the Wii; If this happens then simply try it again.
  3. Jump into the void and when Link starts crying press to start. If done right, the save file selection screen will open while Link cries in the background.
  4. Simply pick a file to play. If it works, the King Bulblin fight will be triggered, and you'll have all of your items to fight him with. Otherwise the game will lock in an indefinite black screen after selecting the save file.

It's important to note that the success of the Back in Time Equipped Glitch depends on the state of the area the savefile is in and the spawn point ID that is being loaded in, for BiTE to work they both have to exist in the eldin field map as well, the room ID of the savefile being used also has to be 0 as that is the room ID of the Bulblin map. Dragonbane0 has created an excellent table for save points which can be found here.

Skip Bulblin Field Fight

Discovered by DragonBane0

The state for phase two on the bridge for Bulblin 1 is state 4, if you do BiTE with a savefile in state 4, along with a working spawn point and room ID 0. There are only two known locations where this is the case, the first being a savewarp in the cave before entering Goron Mines After Temple of Time, the other being savewarp in kakariko after wagon escort and making zora queen go into the graveyard so the savewarp spawns you by the pond. In 100% The location in the cave is used to skip the field fight as it is also possible to get BiT very quickly from the savewarp location. All that is required upon the savewarp is turn around, LJA over the trigger and jump attack into the void to get BiT.

BiTE 100% Speedrun Use (Obsolete)

Discovered by LogitechSDAZ

After getting the iron boots, save in Mayor Bo's House. Go to the Ordon Ranch, and immediately after Link stops moving, turn around and use a Long Jump to get over the loading zone. From here, roll about 3 times and do BiTE. This will automatically warp you to the King Bulblin battle. Obviously this faster spot for BiTE can't be done on the Wii Version, so instead, BiTE would be done from the bridge to the Faron Woods for the Wii.

There is a set-up that uses shield bash after the LJA over the loading zone which can be buffer and hence a good alternative. To do this stand just before a white spot on the wall shown in the video which is near the edge of the physical ground, then line up your first heart between the two poles, finally press R and D-Right at the same time to buffer the shield bash, now zoom out once and then press X-Start-B (With B being the last button)

BiTE Any% Speedrun Use

  1. After getting the Master Sword, save and perform BiT in Forest Temple. (Alternatively you can perform BiTE on Hyrule Castle Rooftops or Sacred Grove Entrance, which has consistent unplug setups, though they are notably slower and obsolete.)
  2. Load the 2nd file (Ordon Village). This will automatically warp you to the King Bulblin battle.
  3. As soon as the cutscene plays, hit Start+X+B to soft reset and then mash start as soon as the screen starts fading out to skip the cutscene.
  4. Load your run-savefile to get Early Monkeys and Early Boss Fights.
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