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Universal Map Delay

Discovered by Dragonbane0

Trick Description

By alternating A + B inputs frame perfectly after talking to Midna and selecting the warp option, or using the D-pad to open the map, you can delay the map from coming up until you stop alternating these inputs.
Doing this only requires Master Sword to warp, allowing for some big breaks by not requiring map warping, though currently TAS only.

How To

  1. Talk to Midna with Z and select the warp option, or open the map with D-pad
  2. Alternate A + B presses frame perfectly starting on the frame you select the warp option or open map with D-pad
  3. Whenever you release the A + B inputs, the map will come up. This includes during cutscenes, such as opening doors, getting the Master Sword, or transforming into Human.


Warp the Cannon without Map Warping

By warping with Midna, delaying the map, and triggering Midna in front of the cannon, you can bring up the map after the trigger without the need for map warping. This allows you to skip going to Eldin Gorge in Any% entirely.

Early Snowpeak without Map Warping

By delaying the map with 2 frame perfect A/B presses, you can bring up the map at the same time as triggering the Snowpeak intro cutscene. After selecting a warp, the cutscene will cancel out the warp sequence and give Map Glitch.


  • Bringing up the map during a cutscene and warping away will give you Map Glitch, as the cutscene takes priority
  • Delaying the map with Midna Warp causes her dialogue to not be considered over, which will make the game crash if you release the map during another dialogue box
Last updated 05/21/2021 – Taka