Early City in the Sky

Discovered by SexyZora19, Paraxade


This trick allows you to clip through the statue blocking your way to the cannon needed to access the City in the Sky. The cannon can then be warped, repaired, and then used for access to CitS. The trick allows you to skip the entire Temple of Time and half of Snowpeak Ruins, saving around 1 hour and 4 minutes in an any% speedrun.

With Map Warping (Any Version)

  1. Go to Renado's basement in Kakariko Village.
  2. As a human, carefully line yourself up on the right (Wii) or left (GCN) crack between the statue and the wall.
  3. Transform into a wolf. If successful, Link will clip inside the statue, allowing you to run through it.
  4. Get close to the cannon so that the Z button appears on the screen, talk to Midna, then open up the Map Screen and Warp to Lake Hylia.

Angle Setup

LJA Method

Discovered By ZFG

It is also possible to clip through the owl statue with an LJA

Without Map Warping

If you savewarp / deathwarp out of the cannon room after talking to Midna about the cannon, you can talk to Shad to warp back into the room while also disabling the trigger that stops you from warping the cannon. NOTE: This can only be done after completing Temple of Time, as otherwise Shad does not appear in the basement.


  • If you do not get Auru's Memo before transferring the Sky Cannon to Lake Hylia, Auru will not appear, and you cannot get his memo.
  • If you attempt to repair the cannon before showing Auru's Memo to Fyer, and visiting Gerudo Desert once, the game will crash.
  • You will notice that when you try to talk to Midna to warp the Sky Cannon, her text concerning Shad will come up even though he is not present. To overcome this, you can simply manually open up your map and select a warp point.
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