Eldin Twilight

Crossing the Gorge

Without the Kakariko Gorge bridge piece (which can only be warped after beating Faron Twilight and Forest Temple), crossing the gorge is a tricky task. Gorge Skip is a rather detailed trick; full details can be found on the Gorge Void page. Note that it's also possible to reach Kakariko Village via Back in Time Equipped, which is faster for some speedrun categories.

Well Clip

Discovered by Davven77

During Eldin Twilight (but not later), it is possible to clip into the basement for the first time from the graveyard by sidehopping as human. This saves time because it skips having to light torches and watch cutscenes before entering the basement to collect the bugs.

Consistent fast basement bugs

After exiting the tunnel, hold B + forward. Once the third bug is targeted, release B.

Malo Mart bug

Discovered by SVA16162
  1. Hold left and B attack the wall after entering
  2. Don't move and repeatedly tap L until the bug has been targeted at least once
  3. The bug should come down to Link; kill it with a B attack
  4. While the tear is forming, climb the ledge
  5. Once the tear has formed, jump off and collect it, then exit

Inn yellow rupee

After killing the bug on the 2nd floor of the Inn, knock down the cabinet and collect the yellow rupee (sidehopping to skip the text box if needed) while the tear is forming.

Abandoned house bug

Discovered by ZachLink99

It is a few frames faster (about 0.2 to 0.3s) to jump from a higher point to collect the tear in the abandoned house than to jump attack at it from below.

Bomb House Skip

Discovered by Dragonbane

It is possible to collect the tears that are meant to appear after exploding the bomb house without ever entering by killing the outside bug before it reaches the house. This can be done as wolf (about 4 seconds faster) or as human by reaching the ledge across the gap from the railing without hitting the trigger for the bug to run away, then approaching the bomb house's crawlspace to kill the bug. After this bug explodes, the game treats the house as though the bug was killed inside, changing the house's texture and making the three tears available to collect. However, until the area is reloaded, the house's collision doesn't change, so it is still necessary to use the crawlspace to get to the tears after performing this trick.

Wolf setup

Original setup by Trog
Visual cue images by Nimzo

Wolf Bomb House Skip (WBHS) involves a precise dashed jump from the railing to the opposite ledge. Failing this jump and falling all the way down costs ~30-35 seconds. One difficult component of the trick is sidehopping as wolf: Inputting left and A on the same frame will result in an angled jump attack, while inputting left for 1 or more frames before inputting A will result in a sidehop. This accounts for the disparity in horizontal position between attempts.

  1. After exiting the bomb shop, go to the right side and climb up onto the exit as far up the slope as possible. Alternatively, for a more consistent position, wait until Link finishes his animation of leaving the bomb shop and then hold right notch until he climbs.

  2. Sidehop left twice and jump attack, then wait for Link to come to a standstill.

  3. Sidehop left once and jump attack onto the railing.

  4. As soon as Link lands on the railing, stop his momentum by either tapping down on the control stick, holding ESS down (can start midair), or pressing Z to call Midna (slower).

  5. Move slightly backwards until the back of Link's front feet are in line with the edge of the railing. This is needed to give Link enough space on the railing to begin a dash. Note Link's paws' horizontal position before proceeding (see visual cues below), and adjust if desired by holding L and tapping left or right on control stick.

  6. Enter first person and set a good angle for the jump (see visual cues below).

  7. Exit first person, then mash A and hold up to dash to clear the gap.

  8. Climb or jump attack up the ledge.

  9. Approach the crawlspace entrance, starting to hold B for a Midna charge near the sign.

  10. Release the charge attack once it tags the bug.

  11. Hesitate slightly before entering the crawlspace. Entering the crawlspace too early will result in Link hitting the loading zone before the bug explodes, which will put him in the bomb house as though the outside bug hadn't been killed.

Visual cue - centered


Visual cue - left of centered (camera aimed right of centered)


Visual cue - right of centered (camera aimed left of centered)


Wolf BHS on Wii

Visual cue by kipcode

This trick works the same way as Gamecube, but with different visual cues. Here is a demonstration using hold-down method on 16:9 resolution.

Essentially, the same steps listed above in the previous section apply to Wii, adjusting for mirroring and visuals.

For the alignment cue, the middle of the screen should be vertical with a white-ish splotch on the ledge (circled in red):

Visual cue: middle alignment of the screen on 16:9

CMiddle WBHSPatch

Full view of the working angle on 16:9


4:3 Setup

Although less common, the visuals would change on a standard aspect ratio. Pay close attention to the alignment of hearts against the wall.

Alternate 4:3 visual demo

Human LJA (~4s slower than wolf)

  1. Transform human near the top of the stairs. Be careful not to go too far and trigger the bug.

  2. Stand on the top stair and up against the white edge of the stairs.

  3. Target the boomerang anywhere on or over the sign in the distance and LJA once the boomerang has reached the higher ground. This is not precise.

  4. Jump attack up the ledge and transform wolf.

  5. Approach the crawlspace entrance, starting to hold B for a Midna charge near the sign.

  6. Release the charge attack once it tags the bug.

  7. Hesitate slightly before entering the crawlspace. Entering the crawlspace too early will result in Link hitting the loading zone before the bug explodes, which will put him in the bomb house as though the outside bug hadn't been killed.

After Bomb House Skip

After crawling through the crawlspace, don't hold target until after Midna lands on Link to avoid the animation impeding movement. It is then slightly faster to sidehop out than to jump attack.


There are several instances in Eldin Twilight of single frames between cutscenes and/or text boxes where inputs can save or lose time:

  • between the Kakariko Gorge warp portal forming cutscene and the camera panning down before Midna's text - jump attack for Gorge Void
  • between any digging and the animation of Midna landing on Link's back - dash to skip the animation (not recommended for digging under the gate to Kakariko Village if needing to avoid KB1 trigger)
  • between the Kakariko Gorge bridge warping cutscene and Midna's text - jump attack (L + A) to skip the text
  • (undesirable) between skipping the cutscene to exit the Sanctuary basement and pressing Z to begin Midna jumps up the well - a Z press will call Midna instead
  • between Midna's text and the Midna jump becoming available to exit the abandoned house - hold L and press A to start the Midna jump early
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