Ganon's Puppet: Zelda

When Zelda tries to throw a ball of energy at you, get under her and use a quick spin, or regular spin attack, to knock it back at her. Instead of trying to rally it back and forth, it will hit her immediately. It should be noted that the triforce attack is slower than the stab attack, if you get it you should roll out and C-Up to look away and reduce lag. The minimum cycles in 7 and the highest seen is 15. It is also good to know that you will never get two balls of energy in a row unless the previous one was wasted.

Note: Opening the Item Wheel on the frame the text pops up on screen will result in a crash

Dark Beast Ganon

Consistent Strategy

Discovered by Dragonbane0 & SVA

This strategy is a 3 cycle like the old method however it removes the portal RNG, it is faster than everything else (Any%) (even perfect 4 portals). To do it, jump attack, deal 4 hits individually and then a full combo (mashing attacks) (8 slashes in total) each cycle (2 times). This will make Beast Ganon enter the final phase where he always exits out the first portal. Just finish him off with a single wolf b attack now to instantly kill him.

Corner Strategy

By SVA16162

After the first cycle, roll to the corner shown in the video and line yourself parallel to the wall to your right and wait for beast ganon to spawn ahead of you. Once he jumps back start counting the drops of light falling from his belly as visual ques for when to throw the B&C, ideally you will throw it after the 2nd drop once he has backed up, if you throw too early you will have to go left which means using a JS to get through the small gap as shown in the video

2 Cycle With Rare Chu Jelly (100%)

In 100% you can 2 cycle by doing a Mortal Draw first phase and drink Rare Chu Jelly after knocking him to the grounds second phase. At the start of the fight shoot him with an arrow then use Mortal Draw for the first cycle. Now shoot him down with the bow again, drink the Jelly and finish him off with another Mortal Draw.

2 Cycle With Greatspin (100%)

You can also 2 cycle by doing a jump attack then greatspin each cycle. At the start of the fight shoot him with an arrow then jump attck and greatspin combo for the first cycle. Now Transform wolf and wait for the portals to decide where he is coming from. This is around 2.5 seconds slower than the Jelly method.

Clip Out of Bounds (Useless)

Discovered By SVA16162

It is possible to clip out of bounds by making beast ganon fall near the wall and then making him turn in a way to push you through the wall. This serves no purpose and just resets the fight

Dark Rider Ganondorf

Detailed Explanation by SVA16162

To make Ganondorf go into his "running away" state you need him to attempt to hit you, to start you should dash twice past him on the left so he misses you and goes in front of you. From here there are three paths he can take, gentle turn left, sharp turn left and straight ahead.

If you get the gentle turn left (A in video) it is very easy, just follow close behind and shot, spin, repeat

If you get either sharp turn left or straight ahead after the first hit it is recommended to instantly dash, this delays zelda and makes her less likely to miss as he turns.

2 Cycle with Fairy Tears / Rare Chu Jelly

With Fairy Tears or rare chu jelly, you can finish off the horseback phase on the 2nd spin attack. After the 2nd arrow shot, drink the tears / chu jelly, then quickly spin attack to finish. This saves about 5 seconds over a normal fight.

Dark Lord Ganondorf

Run at Ganondorf without targeting him, and use a sword slash. Ganondorf will simply block it, but this gives you time to get behind him and hit him with a jump attack - spin combo. Get behind him before he gets back up and use another jump attack - spin combo. Repeat this process and after the third time press A to finish.

Last updated 07/11/2020 – Skyreon